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Pope Francis and the victory over high-brow Catholicism

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I once had a Catholic college professor who bragged that he hobnobbed with Bishops. Another professor bragged over his emotional reaction to the classical music of 'Wagner.' Listening to Catholic radio, I overheard Deal Hudson discuss with a guest the wonder of William F. Buckley, touting his height, slender build, and raccoon lined clothing, celebrating his celebrity looks.

The problem is, evangelization, in large part, takes place among commoners like you and I.

Now don't get me wrong, it is not a sin to be rich and 'sophisticated.' Pope Benedict XVI is surely as sophisticated as a man can be--but his gentleness, humility, and tenderness touch the heart of the simplest of people. Saint John Paul II, THE GREAT, was also a mixture of sophistication at its zenith, and a rugged earthiness that could befriend the athlete, the manual laborer, and the most 'country' of farming people.

And then there is Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air, a handful of humble humus, a man who serves the Lord with one eye on the Crucified and impoverished Christ, and the other on the common and the poor in this world. Catholicism, after all, is the richness of Jesus Christ, the pearl of great price, found only in personal poverty...better known as being poor in spirit.

Therefore, dear high-brow disciples, when you think of bragging about your social companions, or your sophisticated habits, or anything that rings of earthly richness or fashionable fancy, think of the Bloodied and beaten Christ, and remember what truly converts the soul of the human person.

For Mercy, compassion, faith, and hope, are the robes which we must adorn ourselves, in order to attract the world to Jesus.