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Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

Thousands waited several days, faithfully watching the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel as the one and a half days of voting culminated with white smoke billowing from the top of the tethered pipe. The world of Roman Catholicism, as well as the world, has a new Pope; Pope Francis.

Cardinal Mario Bergoglio of Argentina elected Bishop of Rome, or Pope of the universal church at Rome. Pope Francis comes from the order of the Jesuits, which is a first in the history of the church, and when Mario chose the name of his most admired saint, Francis became a first as well.

In North Louisiana, the news was less than further South one may go. Nonetheless, there is various groups that have concerns and hope in the new Pop. The one thing that may set some of the more liberal groups back is Francis’ dedication to the churches doctrines.

The Pope enters the papacy with some issues, one of which is the plague of adverse press over the molestation and cover-up, gay marriage, woman ordination, and contraception. The hope goes to the Jesuit background, not to mention his namesake Francis the founder of the order of Franciscans, some say, the combination might actually reunite the body of believers, and perhaps lose some more radical groups.

Regardless of what direction he takes the church, most all Christian leadership wishes him well, and offer prayers for the necessary strength and resolve to lead the Roman Catholic church in the direction that God wants it to go to the glory of God.