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Pope continues his crusade against wealth at the Davos Conference

Pope's Crusade for Wealth Redistribution
Pope's Crusade for Wealth Redistribution
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Pope Francis is a humble man, but even too much humility can be a form of arrogance and a sin before God. Which is why Pope Francis's crusade against the rich and against wealth itself is now bringing him to create a new precedence by speaking to this year's World Economic Forum conclave in Davos, Switzerland on the evils of wealth and wealth accumulation.

On Jan. 21, Pope Francis issued a letter from the Vatican that was read to representatives at the World Economic Forum. In his letter, the Pope focused on the wealthy's responsibility to redistribute their money to the poor of the world, and laid guilt upon the attendees that they were in large part responsible for the hunger and suffering that engulfs billions of people throughout the world.

Having been outspoken over capitalism and the rise of income inequality; for the first time, an address from the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics was read to the political and business elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Pope Francis pulled no punches as he implored attendees to remember that "humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it," and called for "decisions, mechanisms and processes directed to a better distribution of wealth."

Those working in these sectors have a precise responsibility towards others, particularly those who are most frail, weak and vulnerable. It is intolerable that thousands of people continue to die every day from hunger, even though substantial quantities of food are available, and often simply wasted. - Vatican via Zerohedge

The office of the Papacy claims to be the sole representative of Christ upon the earth, and as such, makes claim that the office holder speaks for God. This was validated in the 11th and 12th centuries when Pope Urban II declared, "Deus vult", or God wills it, to call for all of Europe to crusade towards Jerusalem and begin a war that would last for more than two centuries.

Thus when any Pope speaks in public more than a billion people throughout the world take notice, and reflect or act upon his words. And as the newest Pope in the line of the Papacy, Francis has from day one issued statements and proclamations that call for a global redistribution of wealth, and an end to the Capitalist system that has actually brought more people out of poverty worldwide than any religion, government, or leader.

According to the bible, it is by God's Hand and manifestation, not by man's processes or efforts that lead to both peace and prosperity, and this promise is based on trust and reliance in God's power, and not upon human works. Additionally, the New Testament is about growing one's spiritual life, not their earthly, which then creates a disturbing dichotomy for the leader of the world's largest church when he dedicates large portions of his time towards secular or earthly issues.

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is an annual event where the wealthiest men and women in the world come to discuss global problems, and the direction of the global financial system. And when the newly elected Pope breaks tradition and addresses these leaders on how they should spend their money, and facilitate a redistribution of their wealth, it brings to mind a curious question of whether God is in control of the things of this world, or if money is.

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