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Pop-up exhibition premieres at ArtComplex in Oakland

Saturday, January 18, 2014 marks the first of what it is hoped will be a series of exhibitions under the name ArtComplex. The show takes place at 560 29th Street and Telegraph Ave in Oakland and features the talents of Nyame O. Brown, Lisa Carroll, Modesto Covarrubias, Amy M. Ho, Amanda Klimek, Chelsea Pegram, Matthew Scheatzle, Karen Seneferu, Malik Seneferu, Brett Snyder, Monica Tiulescu and Alexandra Neyman and will run January 18 through March 22, 2014.

A sneak peek of a part of the installation.'Are We Being Merciful Just Speaking To You' by Karen Seneferu
Photo by Karen Seneferu

Ernest Jolly and Chris Evans have created a pop-up exhibition called ArtComplex,” said Karen Seneferu, one of the featured artists. “Ernest and Chris selected twelve artists to transform an old dental office into twelve installations. We each picked a room and decided to transform it depending on the space. All of the work is influenced by Oakland on some level.”

The idea behind pop-up exhibits is to bring art and culture to areas that need it by utilizing non-traditional venues as temporary gallery space. Future incarnations of ArtComplex may or may not take place at the same location, and there is an open invitation to interested property owners to make art possible in their area by partnering with ArtComplex on the organization’s website.

The current location is a former dental office.

“The new owners of the property, Irina Gelfenbeyn and Bill Bagnell, are board members at the nonprofit East Bay Rental Housing Association,” said Seneferu. “They were looking to create an impact through local art communities. They wanted to create a platform for artists to get exposure, understanding how difficult it is to navigate the art world. So they worked with Ernest Jolly and Chris Evans to create this powerful exhibition.”

During the exhibition artists will improvise performances for exhibit visitors whenever the guests enter any of the dozen rooms dedicated to these artists. Opening day also features two musical performances by Chris Evans, who will first appear at 1pm on cello with effects pedals, and at 3pm, will be joined by David Boyce on saxophone with effects pedal for a musical duet.

The ArtComplex will not only bring art to the repurposed dental office, but it will make that art economically accessible to a variety of people due to the low suggested donation for the exhibit of just one dollar.

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