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Pop star leaks photos of alleged iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch screen

We’re seeing a leaked photo of a completely assembled iPhone 6 from what seems to be a pretty unlikely source. According to CNet on June 11, Jimmy Lin, a famous Taiwanese singer, actor and race car driver, took to his Weibo page and shared photos of what appears to be an iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5s.

A pop star in Taiwan has leaked new images of what might be the newest Apple iPhone.
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The iPhone 6 appears to be slightly bigger with rounded edges, and in this version is rocking a silver/chrome color with white detailing. The phone doesn’t have any of the telltale iPhone manufacturing markings other than the Apple logo on the back.

According to Lin’s microblog, the phone has a 4.7-inch screen and the power button is slightly more to the right than in previous versions. He noted that the antenna is not concealed inside the device and that the phone has a good grip.

CNet notes that what Lin shared isn’t completely new information. This photo also matches with rumors suggesting the phone will have a metal back, reduced thickness and a side-mounted power button. Other rumors about the next phone, supposedly officially debuting in fall, have also noted the new, larger size for the phone. As other phone makers provide larger and larger screens to users, Apple has been under pressure to provide their own answer.

Though the 39-year-old actor isn’t the most likely place for iPhone leaks, he does have two accurate leaks already under his belt, with an accurate leak of the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad Mini (apparently celebrities really do get their hands on the latest gizmos before the rest of us). Though these leaked photos must still be considered rumors, Forbes notes that the photos provided by Lin are the clearest images yet.

If this does end up being the next phone in Apple’s lineup, we image there will be a few disappointed fanboys. Apple’s products have always been so sleek, with clean lines and bold design. The rounded edges and the larger screen give the phone a kind of cartoony, youthful look that might not mesh well with customers who have grown accustomed to Apple’s recent style.

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