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Pop-R&B singer Just Ivy debuts music video for newest single 'Bad Girl Takeover'

Just Ivy has the song to start off your weekend. The pop-R&B singer has recently released the video for her second high-tempo single, "Bad Girl Takeover," featuring guest work from DJ Khaled and Meek Mill. Ivy phoned in to BFTV for a few quick words about the video and her developing career.

Pop-R&B artist Just Ivy recently performed at a showcase in New York. Just Ivy has released her second single, "Bad Girl Takeover," and an accompanying video.
Johnny Nunez
Pop-R&B artist Just Ivy has released the music video to accompany her second single.
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"It's exciting when you have a song and you're trying to create a visual to it," she told us. "You can see who's singing and imagine the whole song."

You can check out the video for "Bad Girl Takeover" with this article.

This release is no small step for an up-and-coming artist. The video is directed by Dale "Rage" Resteghini and produced by famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who's worked with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.

"Bad Girl Takeover" is Ivy's second single, following "Paradise," on which she featured Akon, and which has already seen multiple remixes. Even with just two songs out to the public, she's already worked with some considerable names in the music business, and she told us these early tracks have been very much collaborative.

"I enjoy working with them and they have a lot of great ideas," she said. "They share with me and I share with them. Everybody is actually sharing something."

"Sometimes you hear the melody and you can write a song straight up," she added, "Or sometimes it has to grow in you. Each time is different."

The international artist, who grew up across both Europe and the United States, is hoping these songs will help her launch a larger career.

"With my music, I'm trying to show what I do and what I like," Ivy explained. "I want my music to make people happy. Everybody has their own opinion. I'm just going to work hard. Everything is an experience."

"I'm very thankful for my early supporters. Positive response is what keeps me going," she continued, "and the negative responses are also great too, because [that] makes me want to work harder."

Next up for Ivy is a third single sometime in the near future, and she's working on a debut album. She's also lining up live performances, including a recent New York showcase that included"Bad Girl Takeover" cohorts DJ Khaled and Meek Mill. But this well-traveled artist is not necessarily going to be satisfied with just one or two hit tracks - she's looking for musical longevity, and a connection with her audience.

"To me, success has to come in everything, not only [my] professional life," Ivy told us. "If your fans are responsive and they love it, to me that's success. There's no limit."

For more on Just Ivy, you can visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@therealjustivy).

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