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Pop of King archive lost article: Summer Book Awards

We continue our brief return to Stephen King's Entertainment Weekly column with an article that delves into books. Rather than do a top list or a general list, King formats this column with categories that are modeled after awards.

There's Best Science Fiction, Best Western, Book of the Summer, Best Horror Novelist among others.

He covers a wide range of categories so you'd be hard pressed to find at least one book that would suit your tastes.

King's assertion that Citizen Kane is a good movie is somewhat baffling given the fact that it, you know, stunk to high heaven, but he could just be using that since it is perceived as a masterpiece.

I'm also not sure what King meant by "geek factor", nor do I see why that would be a bad thing. I guess the implication is that it would appeal to mainstream readers, but those two things aren't mutually exclusive in my book. It's certainly possible to go too far with it, but I still maintain that having a "geek factor" isn't necessarily a strike against the work in question.

While King has sung the praises of "The Ruins" before, it was nice to see that get an enthusiastic plug. It stands as the only book on the list that I am familiar with, so it's really the only one I can comment on. The book really is a good read. Smith's other book, "A Simple Plan" is also a great read too for that matter. Hopefully he can get another book out in the near future as his record so far is pretty impressive.

The article may have been written in 2006, but book recommendations have no expiration date. So, if you're looking for some new reading material, this article may give you some new titles to consider.

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