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Pop-occulture: Aleister Crowley in cartoons, comics, music, TV shows, etc.

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This is a continuation of an on again, off again series Aleister Crowley in general (see here) and focuses upon his influence upon pop-occulture via various forms of media. See the end of this article for links to previous ones on this issue.

“There is little doubt that Crowley's larger than life occult philosophy and writing influenced virtually all of his contemporary occultists and many of those to follow, as well as artists and musicians…The Magnum Opus, the Great Work of alchemy, is the utter transformation of oneself into a being of light, an energy body. Crowley lived larger than life. If his webpresence is any indicator, his legend and influence is bigger than ever. He may have just been lurking in the Astral Plane, waiting for this psychic rebirth. Perhaps, cutting through spacetime, he made a leap of faith into the electronic Astral Plane.”—Iona Miller, Occult ESPionage


In this segment we will consider other examples such as his role within the Japanese cartoons (anime and manga) such as a show titled A Certain Magical Index. Within that storyline he is known as the “Man Behind the Man.” Moreover, Aleister Crowley / Areisuta Kurori:

“is the founder, leader, and General Superintendent of Academy City who holds power greater than that of the Board of Directors. He is referred to as the greatest magician in history and magic's greatest embarrassment, who had quit magic in order to analyze science and technology. He is the de facto leader of the Science Side as the ruler of Academy City, and his actions and plans continually subvert the magic side and often moves the actions of the protagonists.

He resides in the mysterious Windowless Building, floating upside down and connected to wires, inside a tube of red liquid...exudes an aura of level-headedness, and most often talks in an incredibly cryptic manner.”

The real life man is also correlated with what in real life was supposed to be a contact of his from another realm of existence; Aiwass:

“a mysterious being summoned by Aleister Crowley, and his former mentor. It is called under the codename of DRAGON…an ‘Extraterrestrial Life Form,’ ‘Holy Guardian Angel,’ and ‘the true person who holds the secrets to modern western magic organisations’…in one of Aleister Crowley's trips in order to carry out a magical experiment, he used his wife who accompanied him around the world as a medium to contact it…Aleister learned from Aiwass the ‘Angelic Technique’…Crowley somehow managed to contain Aiwass in Academy City.”


Within the show YuGiHo! The unicursal hexagram (see attached slide show) designed by Crowley and used within the O.T.O. of which he was a member is called the “Seal of Orichalcos.” Also, a certain Amelda’s name was transliterated as Alister when the show was dubbed in English:

“YuGiHo! was created as a manga (Japanese comic book) by Kazuki Takahashi in 1996 and was originally named ‘Magic and Wizards’…When the manga was picked up for animation, he decided to change the name to ‘Duel Monsters’…Three types of cards are used: monster cards, spell cards and trap cards…

YuGiHo!...centers around…Yugi who was given broken pieces of an ancient Egyptian artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle by his grandfather. When he assembles the pieces, he becomes possessed by another personality who is later discovered to be the spirit of a 3,000 year-old Pharaoh named Atem who has no memory of his own time. Yugi and his friends try to find the secret of Atem’s lost memories as well as his real name…the unicursal hexagram…of the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult Brotherhood popularized by Aleister Crowley…In the YuGiHo movie, characters sport Millennium pendants which portray an Eye of Horus inside a triangle.”


Alan Moore and Grant Morrison are two very popular authors of comics who are occultists. They write their occult worldviews and practices directly into comics which are geared mostly towards children. Examples of where they have incorporated Aleister Crowley into their works include Promethea, From Hell and Arkham Asylum. For an interesting, real life tale, see the video Is Grant Morrison possessed? Also, see the article On Grant Morrison book “Supergods.”


Crowley is portrayed as a very sadistic vampire in comic Requiem Chevalier Vampire who is called “Black Sabbath.”


Oliver Haddo is a character by W. Somerset Maugham based on Aleister Crowley and used within the book The Magician. Subsequently, Haddo was used as a character in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III: Century.


Within the Elfen High story Aleister Crowley:

appears as the sex-crazed wizard in charge of the school.”


“on December 21st, 2012, a horde of rogue demons entered London and started slaughtering. They were stopped by one Mr. Crowley, the Headmaster of Elfen High, intent on protecting his home.”


In this cartoon series Crowley is part of a group of men who establish the Guild of Calamitous Intent.


In works by Robert Anton Wilson, such as Masks of the Illuminati, Crowley makes various favorable appearances as Wilson is a practitioner of Crowley’s magick.


In the TV show Supernatural (about which you can read here) there is a demon named Alastair and the “King of Hell” is named Crowley. For more about this show, see:

Megatron & Metatron (& Supernatural & Star Wars & Voltron)

Theology at the Movies and on Television, part 2 of 2


One of the band Black Sabbath’s original founding members, Ozzy Osbourne, went on to a solo career and sang a song titled Mr. Crowley.


In the web-comic Times Like This a character travels back to 1946 AD and presents Crowley the question portions of the aforementioned Mr. Crowley song by Ozzy which read:

Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head?...

did you talk to the dead?

You fooled all those people with magic. You waited on Satan's call…did you think you were pure?...

would you ride my white horse (…it's symbolic of course)?...

I hear that maidens call. Was it polemically sent? I wanna know what you meant.


The 60s-70s band Can titled an album Tago Mago which was so titled as a reference to the Isla de Tagomago which is an island off the east coast of Ibiza, Spain. Aleister Crowley is said to have spent some time there and in Spanish mago means magician. Some conclude that the song Aumgn" was supposedly based on one of his chants:

“Links with Satanism and witchcraft have been suggested over the years; we’ve read of Can learning ‘forbidden rhythms’ from West Africa, and having a fascination with Aleister Crowley. Irmin Schmidt’s grim bellow on ‘Aumgn’, as he intones as if from a coffin, is as chilling as rock vocals get, akin to an encounter with a cloven-hoofed goat-creature.

The word ‘aumgn’ is derived from Om (or Aum), the sacred incantation in Hinduism and Buddhism, but it was also, according to his disciples, ‘Crowley’s ultimate word of power’ – the word he believed would enable him to rule the planet by magick. Schmidt stretches out the two syllables (‘aum-gn’) for 20 or 30 seconds at a time, while a violin saws away and a double bass circles menacingly like the Jaws theme. The music loses all inhibition, building orgiastically to a frenzy.”


The French black/death metal band Blut aus Nord (German for Blood from the North) titled an album Odinist: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination. The term Odinist refers to a sort of Germanic neopaganism which worships Odin, Thor, Frey, Freyja and other Norse deities whilst The Destruction of Reason by Illumination is quoted from Crowley. They also make very many other references to the occult in imagery and lyric. For example, the Kabbalah inspired series of 777 songs; “777 – Sect(s),” “777 – The Desanctification,” “777 – Cosmosophy.” Other terms employed include “The Mystical Beast of Rebellion,” “The Work Which Transforms God,” “Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity” and the What Once Was... series of songs subtitled after Crowley’s books as “Liber I,” “Liber II” and “Liber III.”


The Scarifyers is:

“A series of straight to CD plays by Bafflegab Productions (formerly Cosmic Hobo), created by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris. They are set in the mid-1930s and chronicle [a team which sets out to]…investigate ‘the out of the ordinary, the unexplained. The downright weird.’ The plays are a heady mix of supernatural horror and comedy…characters have included an exceptionally camp Aleister Crowley, a Great Old One…”

They also produced the “Mr. Crowley's Christmas - Christmas Special.”


The video game Shin Megami Tensei (True Goddess Reincarnation) has gone through various series. Series II has Crowley as boss battle in Shin Megami Tensei II with real magic powers and a One-Winged Angel form, as a horny, completely insane wizard who attempts to kill the heroes out of anger that he can' preform a wild demonic orgy. It's not made clear if it's really Crowley you see or if it's a demon assuming his form, and it's also not made clear if he dies or simply escapes after you win the battle with him.

In series IV Aleister Crowley is known by a take-off of real life pseudonym of his, Master Therion. Crowley called himself Mega Therion as it means Great Beast in Greek and is a reference to a satanic figure in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Within the game there is also an Aiwass:

“Aiwass was a being claimed by Aleister Crowley to be the redactor of the Book of Law in the religion of Thelema. According to Crowley, Aiwass was a being who appeared before him while he was in Cairo and dictated the Book of Law for him to write. He later identified him/it as his guardian angel.”

This quote is from a wiki for the game and provides accurate, real life, information. Except that Crowley revealed that his “guardian angel” which he referred to as HGA as in “holy guardian angel” is, actually, satan. And now your kids can play games with satan—how quaint.

Choronzon is a real or imagined demonic being which came to be known in the 16th century AD via the occult workings of Edward Kelley and John Dee (the original 007, see here) and continued to be summoned by Aleister Crowley:

A demon with a vast array of knowledge that serves sorcerers. It is known as the "Abyss," a formless aggregation of consciousness. It guards the door to all the knowledge of the cosmos. However, it is also the natural enemy of sorcerers, an evil being that sows chaos and contrives to send those who seek true wisdom to their downfalls.

The great sorcerer Aleister Crowley is said to have actually summoned Choronzon. While Crowley succeeded in calling Choronzon down into his body, he could not control it, and though used many tricks to try to lure Crowley's follower Neuburg into breaking the seal and freeing it, Neuburg was able to resist. Sources vary on whether Crowley actually obtained knowledge or remained possessed by Choronzon.”

Again, facts are intermixed with a fictional “game.”

A gamer who goes by the pseudonym RedHaste, wrote the following on a message board:

“Early on, the game tells you that Christianity is no different from many other religions and that its more or less the same…This game provides quite a bit of information on many religions out there but to assume that all the info you're getting from a game isn't bias is something you should question. One message that is constantly brought up in this game is ‘Put all of your trust in your heart’…”

The last statement is, surely, made within the context of the Bible noting that the unregenerate, unrepentant, un-born again, heart is deceitful and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).

The comment continues thusly:

“For anyone to say this game isn't evil satanic or demonic is beyond me…a game that glorifies witches, magicians, the occult, in particular Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky all throughout this game is satanic.”

Now, consider the following statement:

“Aleister Crowley himself needs a Thoth. Well that's not too hard. As usual, check the Demons for Science (1) entry to learn the basics of how to fuse the demon you want. Thoth is a level 31 skill order demon, just above Nekomata.”

Now, is this from a magickal text? No, it is from a game forum, it is game instructions. Seems like the twain have met. Keep in mind that Magick 101 is the exercise of will in order to effect change. Just what are gamers doing but exercising their wills?


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