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Pop goes Royal/T: "The Warholian" exhibit

Fun fact: Barbie was the only toy homage that Warhol ever painted!
Fun fact: Barbie was the only toy homage that Warhol ever painted!
Jen Jones

I’ve always been obsessed with pop art—from the graphic novel-esque stylings of Lichtenstein to more modern fare like Romero Britto. But few pop art aficionados can deny that the art form’s top dog is the iconic Andy Warhol. (Who else could make Campbell’s soup cool?) So when I heard that Culver City’s Royal/T was debuting a new exhibit, “The Warholian,” I was there faster than you can say “Factory Girl.”

The exhibit kicked off with a gala opening on September 23rd, where curator Eric Shiner took attendees on a whirlwind tour of the art on display—from 1967′s “Marilyn” to 1985′s “Barbie.” (Also in the house were a number of vintage Barbie townhouses, as Barbie was an event sponsor. I was psyched to see my old-school Barbie abode front and center!) Shiner threw in some additional color by treating us to some little-known facts about Warhol, like the fact that he didn’t drink and was a devout daily church-goer. By the time he was done speaking, I’d mentally Netflixed “I Shot Andy Warhol” and “Factory Girl.” Fascinating!

Rounding out the exhibit were Warhol-inspired pieces by artists like Murakami, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Shepherd Fairey—who also took on DJ duty that evening. Revelers noshed on Grilled Cheese Truck fare and sipped on “Tribute to Andy” Dom Perignon, which can typically go for up to $50/glass. (Suffice to say, I savored mine slooooowly.) When you go to check it out for yourself, be sure to indulge in menu items like The Edie Sedgwich, Twiggy Salad, and my fave, the Pop Combo: three-cheese grilled cheese with tomato bisque. But don’t get too bloated to try on cute clothes at the Lisa Perry pop-up shop afterwards!

Guarantee you’ll want to spend more than the proverbial fifteen minutes soaking in this collection of cool.

For more 411: Royal/T Cafe, 8910 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232; (310) 559-6300