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Pop-culture-themed advent calendars make for great early Christmas presents

Advent calendars are a great way to count up the days of the season, ending on Jesus’ birthday. Matt Fox, Nashville, TN, creates—with the help of three artists—handcrafted advent calendars, all of them video game-related, under the name, Culture Cal.

Close-up on Zora Hall and Termina compass to show detail.
Photo: Matt Fox, Culture Cal
This is the official logo for Culture Cal, the maker of pop-culture-themed advent calendars.
Photo: Culture Cal / Matt Fox

The Kickstarter project currently underway deals with the 24 masks in “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask,” coinciding with the same number of days of advent. The product is “an 8X12 wood board with an etched carving of Termina” (the in-game world) and 24 mask tokens (Kickstarter). The images are “lacquered on wooden coins” and each token hangs on its own hook already secured to the board (MailChimp).

Fox plans on developing other pop-culture franchises based on fans’ popular requests. Some franchises he would like to pay homage to include Batman, Dr. Who, Bioshock, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Pokémon.

“I never expected a pet project such as this to grow into anything more than a fun personal calendar perched on my desk, but the encouragement and enthusiasm of those closest to me has provided the intrinsic encouragement needed to approach the kind folks of Kickstarter to help spread this love of pop culture nationwide,” says Fox (MailChimp).

Fox’s “goal is to provide an awesome holiday gift item for people who love the culture of Zelda or any previously mentioned franchises” (Kickstarter). Even though the estimated delivery date is December 2014, Fox guarantees that all calendars will be delivered this fall before advent begins.

34 people have already backed the calendars (funding began June 23, 2014) for a grand total of $1,466; the goal is $7,500, and there are 19 days left to reach that amount (Kickstarter). For just five dollars, Fox will personally write you a handwritten thank-you letter and give you “a mask token of your choosing with your name inscribed on the back via laser printer” (Kickstarter).

For Christians who have a love for “The Legend of Zelda,” this product is perfect for the upcoming advent season, and you—or someone you know—can have a beautiful advent calendar before advent begins with your help backing the project. Greater pledge amounts yield greater returns for both consumer and creator.

Please contact Matt Fox at his email address below (tel: 423-620-7177) for any comments or questions you might have.

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