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Pop Culture Migrates to Biegarden Tonight with DJ-Brookstar's Summer Fling

Summer Fling Dance Party
DJ-Brookstar & Bohemian Biergarden

Bohemian Biergarden, located in Boulder near Pearl Street, has become one of the most attractive destinations to grab a huge beer and watch the world cup, socialize with friends and new clientele, and listen to great music. When you walk in the bar, it's right in front of you for your easy access to their fantastic brews and then you migrate towards the back in a big ass room to gather. DJ-Brookstar has secured this wonderful establishment and has flirted with the big dogs in Boulder and fostered solid relationships with them.

Tonight, July 10th, Bohemian Biergarden will host its first ever Summer Fling Dance Party featuring my friend, DJ-Brookstar as well as the Boulder Cruiser Club. His vibe and music keep the socializing flowing and drinks pouring furiously by the awesome bartenders. If anything, swing by just to listen and observe the tunes that come out of DJ-Brookstar. The event will have go-go dancers dancing around the bar as well as promotional folks advertising their products throughout the night. The bartenders at Bohemian Biergarden are awesome, attentive and get you exactly what you want.

Straight, gay, lesbian, black-white purple orange are welcome to the Summer Fling Dance Party this evening at 9:30. Whether you're in the mood to dance, people watch or simply enjoy a cold one with a group of friends or meet a fun stranger, Bohemian Biergarden will be the hottest place to be tonight, featuring the mega talented, DJ-Brookstar.

DJ Brookstar's strongest influences are his time living and working in France and Spain where he picked up the Euro club sound after high school and college, well before it exploded onto the US scene via David Guetta, Avicii and other European DJs in 2011. His current styles are Eurodance and Uplifting Progressive House characterized by bright vocals and hard-hitting synths. Tied to his travels and foreign influence he speaks fluent English, Spanish and French, decent Brazilian Portuguese and some German. Check out his website for photos and video, and be sure to check out his Euro-styled party fliers.

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