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Pop culture Christianity (part one)

An interesting take on pop culture.
An interesting take on pop culture.

Who is teaching Milwaukee about their religion? The gut reaction is obvious: their parents and parishes! Naturally, these are the two big “P’s” in a youth’s life when it comes to religious guidance. Peers, of course, are a huge factor in a child’s development, and that leads us into the main discussion for the next few segments that will be posted. The media is as close a peer as a best friend, or significant other to the Christians walking the streets of Milwaukee every day. The culture they are immersed in bombards them with different outlets ranging from Miley Cyrus to Jay-Z. These are the sources they turn to, to show them what is acceptable in our society (with varying results).
Now, let’s clearly state that the media the young people in our community are attracted to is not rotting their brains from the inside out. Eminem’s rap lyrics are what they are, and so are Wyclef Jean’s pleas for help reaching the Haitian people. When you add it all it up what really matters is what the young people are going to do with the media they are being provided. The media they ingest has a direct link to shaping their lives. The choices they make in television, music, movies define who they are.

Taking a step to the side it would be relevant for the entire community to look at three pop culture monsters that have an overwhelming Christian theme to them. These three outlets could not be recommended more highly. They take the symbols of our faith, and give them shape and meaning. With so many questions on what is right and wrong it is comforting to turn to the love and compassion these shows treat Christianity with. The next three installments will include sections on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, and Lost. Please “stay tuned” to sift through the mythological treasures, and discover something new for your household.