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Pop Clock: A fun way to wake kids up in the morning

Morning madness is a subject that all parents know about, but few talk about. It can be a struggle to get kids up and going in the morning, especially on school days.

The Pop Clock, from No. 8 Brands, is a monster-shaped alarm clock with a head that pops off when the alarm goes off
No. 8 Brands

Although some kids awaken each day on time with a smile on their faces, many kids get up only after repeated efforts by parents, setting off a struggle which continues all morning.

If this sounds like your morning routine, there's a fun new clock from No. 8 Brands to make your job easier and wake your child up with a smile on his face.

No. 8 Brands is a leading designer and global distributor of innovative and unique toys and gifts. Pop Clock is the latest in their line of unique gadgets.

Like a jack-in-the-box, Pop Clock is a fun monster-shaped alarm clock designed to wake your child in a goofy way that will put a smile on his face instead of a scowl.

When the alarm goes off, Pop Clock's little monster head pops off. To stop the alarm, users simply pop the Pop Clock's head back into place on its body.

Following in the footsteps of the Clocky and Tocky rolling alarm clocks, Pop Clock is serious when it comes to waking users up on time, prompting users to get up and out of bed to catch the clock.

Pop Clock features an easy-to-read digital display and is easy for all ages to use. Young children who are just learning to get up on their own will love this unique alarm clock.

Four battery-operated Pop Clock models are available so choose your child's favorite color. Sunny is yellow, Rosy is pink, Charlie is blue and Gilbert is green.

You can find Pop Clock and other innovative No. 8 Brands products at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond store or visit

Morning madness often begins with exasperated parents who are annoyed at kids who won't get up and irritable kids who are annoyed at parents for bugging them.

The struggle continues at the breakfast table. An already resentful child comes to the table with a sullen attitude. All it takes is one sigh or negative statement from a parent and the day goes downhill quickly.

Although parents know that their children will eventually need to be responsible for waking up on their own, many parents remain locked in a daily wake-up struggle with repeated visits to their child's room.

Instead of starting the morning on a sour note with the wake-up struggle, start your child's day with fun while you help foster the responsibility your child will need in life.

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