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Poor little rich Bill and Hillary - America's favorite hypocrites

How long will this act work?
How long will this act work?
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Remember the liberal’s outcry about Mitt Romney’s wealth in the 2012 presidential election? Now here comes “liberal” Hillary Rodham Clinton, the supposed Democratic presidential nominee in 2016. She says her wealth doesn’t “quite put her in the same category as Mitt Romney.” Huh?

One thing is certain; they both have a talent for sucking up the cash at Wall Street fundraisers. Yet Hillary, unlike Mitt Romney, wants Americans to believe she was born in a log cabin.

An astonishing 12 percent of Bill and Hillary Clinton's political and foundation fundraising over the last 20 years comes from the financial sector. To put that in perspective, Barack Obama’s second presidential campaign raised a total of 6 percent from Wall Street compared to Mitt Romney’s 13 percent, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Clintons have total donations of $1 billion dollars from corporate and industry. That includes husband Bill’s two presidential campaigns, the DNC during the Clinton presidency, Hillary Clinton's senate campaigns, and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

It doesn’t sound like Hillary is the anti-big business proponent she portrays herself as. The couple in total have raised between $2 and $3 billion total. No, the Clintons have an excellent relationship with Wall Street.

When the two left the White House in 2001, Hillary soon became New York’s junior senator – her third state of residence. Wall Street is in New York and played a large part in her campaign. On her second term, she gobbled up $5.7 million from financial services firms. That was more than any other candidate, except one, running for Congress that year, according to the CRP.

Hillary an outsider? Hardly. Then there’s Bill. He’s earned 1.35 million in speaking fees for Goldman Sachs alone. Put that together with the rest of his Wall Street connections and it totals about $23 million overall in fees from 2001-2006, the same amount of time as Hillary’s senate career.

The Republicans could not be happier about these revelations. No more attacks like those on Romney about the one percent of wealthy individuals, etc. Hillary is clearly one of them. All the Clintons can hope for is the earliness of this information. It may calm down over the next year long before the real campaign begins.
That hope seems highly unlikely, especially with the rough treatment Mitt Romney received from the hypocritical left wing.

Hillary better start wearing a very thick political flak jacket because it seems what comes around goes around.

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