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Poor Choice NBC, Cancelling Revolution

NBC decides to pull the plug on Revolution
NBC decides to pull the plug on Revolution
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

NBC has decided to cancel the apocalyptic television series Revolution which has upset many fans of the series. The intelligence in the shows writing must have been too difficult for the NBC executives to understand. Part of the downfall of the JJ Abrams television series was the decision NBC made at the beginning to the second season by changing the time slot and day of the shows' airing.

The cast of NBC's Revolution during a panel discussion
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Prior to season two beginning on NBC, the television network Syfy aired a marathon of Revolution season one. This might be the time for Syfy to continue to build their audience by making the decision to sign a deal for a season three of Revolution and let the fans have a place to continue their viewing of a well-written show. Cable networks have appeared to be the channels picking up awards for well produced, well written shows on their networks while the regular network programs are filled with sex, reality and rude comedy shows.

While many may say goodbye to watching NBC due to this decision, it might also be time for those to say hello to Syfy if that network decides to add Revolution to their fall schedule for programming.