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Poor Casey Anthony now wants to speak out: Maybe she should take up knitting

Casey Anthony has no friends or family except remnants of her legal team.
Casey Anthony has no friends or family except remnants of her legal team.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Just when we thought that we never had to see Casey Anthony or photos of her beautiful little daughter, Caylee, again, she is back in the news. New York Daily News reported Thursday that she is basically living as a hermit in an undisclosed location in Florida. So, the news is that she is not in the news?

Most people, despite her acquittal in the death of her daughter, Caylee, would prefer her to remain closed up in her apartment, doing work-at-home jobs. She wants to speak out, though, her attorney's wife, Shirley Mason, says. Although she turned down an interview with CNN, it appears that she has something she would like to say.

It is slightly odd that her only friends are some of the people from her former legal team, especially Cheney Mason and his wife, Shirley. They even include her in some of their social gatherings. The couple seems to feel sorry for her, and made the point that she has no contact with her blood family, except for a few phone conversations she has had with her mother.

Cheney Mason volunteered to help Jose Baez with the Casey Anthony case pro bono, and he continues to stay close to her side. It is possibly motivated only out of a good heart, but it causes a bit of suspicion. What, if anything, do the Masons hope to gain out of this continued involvement in Casey Anthony’s life? This “speaking out” she wants to do could involve a hefty price, possibly?

So the headlines about Casey Anthony now seem to be that she is living an existence which is much like being in prison. She can't go out anywhere because of her notoriety and the intense hatred still directed toward her even three years later. According to CNN, Mason said:

"I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn't been freed from her incarceration yet 'cause she can't go out. She can't go to a beauty parlor, she can't go shopping to a department store, she can't go to a restaurant, she can't even go to McDonald's. She can't do anything."

While the Masons may hope to garner some sympathy for Anthony, it is unlikely that they will stir up even the faintest of feelings from anyone. It is just difficult to pity someone who can't go out on the town when she was often out on the town when her daughter was missing. (dead) Maybe she can take up knitting. Or perhaps, a better hobby for Casey Anthony would be storytelling.

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