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Pooper snooper to spy on those who fail to use pooper scooper

Pet waste station in Georgia

While Mayor Miguel Angel Santamaria states “Most dog owners are responsible people who do not let their pets defecate in inappropriate places and pick up the excrement immediately,” there are enough offenders in his town of Colmenar Viejo (north of Madrid, Spain) to warrant the hiring of an undercover agent to spy on residents and catch them in the act.

“This person will watch the streets and public places such as school yards, and playgrounds, etc. incognito and film pet owners who do not pick up after their dogs in flagrante, then hand the evidence to the local police,” he stated.

However, just to be fair, the city has already sent out actors dressed as detectives to warn the public of their anti-poop program before the real detective begins pounding the pavement. The penalty for a first office will be up to $200 (150 euros), and even more for repeat offenders.

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