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Poop Scooping Week!

Let Pet Butler do your poop scooping!
Let Pet Butler do your poop scooping!
Sandy Aaron

April 1st through the 7th is Poop Scooper Week!

What exactly is a “Pooper Scooper?” Simply put, it’s a business that cleans up your pets poop when you are too busy or unable too. Sounds pretty neat doesn’t it? But who would use this service you ask? Many people! Here’s a few just to give you an idea:

· The working professional who is too busy and too tired to worry about the poop in the yard. That doesn’t mean all of their neighbors except this though! The stink that comes from your yard could get you sent to, well…… the dog house! Have some courtesy to your neighbors!

· An elderly pet parent or a grandparent who may still be able to give love and attention to a furbabies but can’t make it outside to clean up the yard every day. Poop Scoopers take the worry out of that just for you! Do grandma a favor; hire a Poop Scooper for her!

· Ouch! You just had surgery but have a large dog that poops PILES each day in your yard! You can’t get up very easily let alone be worried about picking up piles of poo! Maybe you have a cast, are on crutches, have been put on bed rest…. Well, the pooping doesn’t end just because you can’t get there!

There are endless reasons to hire a Pooper Scooper. Believe me; if you think it’s a bit silly of a name it’s okay! But they are hard working professionals who go through a lot more than you’d realize! They are dedicated to their business just like any other pet service. They put in long smelly hours and get up each and every day to take the smell out of your yard!

If you know of anyone who may benefit from this professional service, including yourself, give Sandy a call. She will discuss a personalized schedule that fits you with cost and effectiveness! "Pet Butler Truck can be seen all around the valley!"

Telephone: 480-600-6139

Servicing: Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Central Phoenix. Thanks Sandy! Great to know this business is around!

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