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Poop Nazi of Ipswich wants dog DNA database to test dog waste not picked up

Sign located in Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
Sign located in Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada

Dog owners of Ipswich, beware. If you don’t clean up after your dog, the town’s animal control officer and “Poop Nazi” is out to get you.

Matt Antczak is feared in this community, going so far as conducting stakeouts in his family van in order to catch and ticket violators of the dog waste scoop law. But now he wants to take the penalty for cleaning up after dogs a step further, by collecting DNA from every dog in town as a way to identify offenders.

In this Massachusetts town where dogs are banned from public parks and there is no dog park, Antczak wants to convince the town to spend about $80,000 to hire a company named PooPrints to create a DNA database of Ipswich’s 2,000 dogs.

At a cost of $34.95 per dog plus $75 for each waste sample kit sent for processing, every dog in the town would have to have its cheek swabbed, then that swab would be processed into the DNA database. Stool samples found outdoors would be collected and tested, and any owner found in violation of not picking up after their dog would be fined $200.

One resident, who was too frightened to give her name, told the Boston Globe “People are terrified of him. Boy, does he take his role seriously. If he sees you with a dog, he’ll demand you show him your poop bags, and if you refuse he’ll call the cruisers.”

While the program is costly, Antczak believes in the end it can pay for itself once fines are collected.

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