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'Ponyo''s tide rolling out, 'Evangelion 1.0' and 'Eureka Seven' remake in theaters this week


Ponyo movie poster. Copyright Studio Ghibli, Disney

"Ponyo" is now in 329 theaters nationwide. This is down over 500 from the 890 theaters showing the film just two weeks ago.  Only two of these remaining theaters are in the Cleveland area  Having made $14.4 million to date, it has still not gained any ground on the all-time theatrical anime box office chart.

"Ponyo" showtimes:

Regal Richmond Town Square Stadium 20:

1:45, 4:55

Regal Independence 10:

1:25, 5:10

"Ponyo" review can be found here.

 A movie based lightly on the "Eureka Seven" anime series is coming to theaters Thursday, September 24th for one night only.  According to Anime News Network, "Eureka Seven - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers" contains the same characters, but introduces a "new 'Eureka Seven' mythos."  This implies that it will be a standalone movie that requires no familiarity with the series, but this is not guaranteed.  After the movie there will be several special features about the movie's production and adaptation.

Eureka Seven Showtimes:

Regal Cobblestone Square 20:  7:30

Regal Severance Town Center 14:  7:30

Cinemark at Valley View:  7:00

Regal Willoughby Commons 16:  7:30

Cinemark Strongsville:  7:30

Regal Interstate Park Cinema 18:  7:30

And finally, for Bowling Green-area readers,

Maumee Cinema de Lux 18: 7:30

Finally, "Evangelion 1.0 - YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE" is showing in Detroit this week. Information on the movie and the theater can be found here.

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Evangelion poster copyright Studio Khara, FUNimation. Eureka Seven image from Anime News Network, copyright Bandai USA.