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Pont des Arts love locks weight destroy bridge rails: Heavy load on officials

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Love locks are weighing down the city of love, as seen this weekend when the weight of the thousands of locks adorning a bridge took down a bridge railing. The locks are a symbol of a couple's love, especially for the tourists that visit Paris, but the weight took down the Ponts des Arts Bridge railings, closing the bridge for hours on Sunday.

As you can see from the picture above it looks like the city has been invaded with generic pad locks. What started out as couples showing their never-ending love for one another has turned into a real love-locked problem, according to NewsMax on June 9.

The Pont des Arts Bridge's love locks are a tradition started about five years ago that consists of couples visiting the city of love, which is Paris, to put a lock on the bridge railing and toss the key over the side. Many of the locks have the couple's names engraved on them, according to the Telegraph today.

This is seen all over Europe, but the locks are concentrated in Paris and in some places you cannot see the bridge railings anymore due to all the locks hanging. The city officials are in between a rock and a hard place with this new modern tradition.

The love-locks are adding too much weight today to the point that they are destroying property, but this tradition is something that entices the tourists, especially lovers of all ages. To put a stop to the locks wouldn't be good for the tourist industry, but to let it continue can be costly in repairs. Not to mention some don't find it pleasing to the eyes.

In a recent post on the city's official website, Bruno Juillard, the city's elected Head of Cultural Affairs, posted about the recent broken railing. He said that after hearing about this latest incident "it confirms that our desire to find an alternative to these locks is a real necessity."

The problem being, what would that alternative be? No one seems to have the perfect alternative. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo invited citizens to an "open debate around the phenomenon of the 'love locks' with a view to finding alternatives."

The alternative may be as simple as suggesting each time one of these railings collapse that never-ending love wish is broken. Folks might not want to leave the fate of their forever love up to a rickety old railings. Why not sell biodegradable tokens that the couple's names can be carved into and then thrown into the rivers off the bridges being weighed down today?