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'Pompeii the Exhibition' makes West Coast premiere at California Science Center

Pompeii the Exhibition at California Science Center.
Pompeii the Exhibition at California Science Center.
Photo by Ella Batalon

'Pompeii the Exhibition' made its West Coast premiere at the California Science Center on Tuesday to a crowd of fascinated onlookers. This exhibit will simply amaze you and have you traveling back in time. What nature destroyed, it also preserved telling a story about the everyday life of an ancient civilization.

Pompeii the Exhibition
by Ella Batalon

Hidden from view and forgotten for centuries Pompeii was discovered over 250 years ago. Once a bustling metropolis obliterated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, 79 A. D.—Pompeii is a city frozen in a volcanic time capsule preserving everything that was buried in hot ash including its inhabitants.

Visitors begin the exhibition with a CGI video introduction of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, followed with doors opening to reveal a colossal Romanesque statue greeting you with its presence as you are launched on a self-guided journey back through time of over 150 priceless artifacts on loan from the collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy.

Visitors will enjoy exploring and admiring intricate details of statues, busts, wall-sized frescoes, marble and bronze sculptures, furniture, and a Roman bathtub on a scenic display depicting Pompeii's original surroundings with video CGI descriptions of everyday life.

Glass cases display beautifully crafted gold jewelry, ancient coins, pottery, glass bottles, cooking utensils, a fascinating collection of medical instruments and Gladiator helmets with protective arm and shin guards, as well as full body casts of the tragic victims of Mount Vesuvius—with adult supervision visitors can also view various uncensored and explicit artifacts from brothels discovered within Pompeii.

Included in the exhibition is a CGI simulation eruption allowing visitors to experience the devastating impact of Mount Vesuvius complete with volcanic eruption, sounds and rumbles.

“This exhibition gives an extraordinary look at the city of Pompeii’s archeological
treasures that rarely leave Italy,” says California Science Center President Jeffrey Rudolph.

“The insights and discoveries presented and made possible by the scientific tools of archeology and geology will allow guests to reach across time and gain a deeper understanding and human connection with this ancient culture and its people.”

'Pompeii the Exhibition' is on display at the California Science Center from May 20, 2014 – Jan 4, 2015. For tickets and information, please visit their website.

Special Thanks to: Shell Amega, Kristina Kurasz and Paula Browne Wagner

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