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Pompeii is about to be destroyed

The destruction of the city lost for over a century

There are fables and then there are stories. Along with the stories of Troy and King Arthur are fables about lost cities. This is one of the ones which was proved to have actually happened, a volcano in Italy destroyed a city not to far away from Rome.

Pliny the younger is said to have been an eyewitness, it is his account of his brave uncle Pliny the older an admiral in the navy going to attempt a rescue by sea which is the basis of the fable of the lost city of Pompeii.

The fables of Constantinople are almost as great as this city not far from Rome, which seems to have been forgotten by them. The volcano eruption should have been seen far and wide and yet unknown after the year of 79 AD until the 1500's when the city was finally found.

For over a century this city was not only lost and forgotten but literally at the doorstep of every important event of the early Christian era through the middle ages. discovered in 1599. It is said to have begun life in the 6th century BC and had fine roman ruins of aqueducts and coliseums, however nothing could be proven.

The newest movie rediscovers the story in all its glory along with several curiosities. It begins in Britannia with the destruction of the Horse Clan by a leader who is portrayed by Keiffer Sutherland, the son of Donald Sutherland. It travels forward to the point that the last survivor has learned to be a gladiator in the old Londiniun town.

The story really begins with the arrival of a beautiful young girl returning from her "year" in Rome. The arrival of the young gladiator removed from Britannia and learning the skills he will need to survive if to win his freedom the possibility of all Gladiators, ultimate glory and to become free men, no longer slaves.

The plot thickens with the arrival of the same Corvus, and his faithful fighter still held in bondage played by Sasha Roiz of the Grimm series. He is supposed to be there to pursue funding of a new aqueduct for the family which resides in the "villa" outside the city and are obviously old citizens and of noble birth. Instead he is there to humiliate the father who has not the political ambitions he has but a daughter who will give him the ability to move into the nobility with marriage.

Thus, a beautiful city is brought to life, along the sea just below Rome and a very high volcano which has from time to time spewed smoke and rubble. Any who have lived on the West coast, know not only the frequent earthquakes but also the occasional Volcano eruptions.

It is an obsession which the story unfolds, of the beauty who steals the heart of the young gladiator, the town people enjoying themselves as the coliseum is filled with eager spectators of a sport long lost on the Western world, of the villa seen in all its glory filled with the fountains and fauna only seen in the old castles as well as the political intrigue of the noble couple discovering they have invited a snake into their home.

The movie tells a beautiful story of the city as it is about to be destroyed, which we know it will be by the end of the movie. No matter what it occurs it will be worth the 2 hours spent watching it with the characters unearthed from the ruins of the city leaving behind human sculptures of ash."Brutus" and "Atticus", famous gladiators battle it out in the coliseum, the young couple run for their lives while the eruption of Mount Vesuvius overcomes the people of Pompeii.

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