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Pompeian Launches New Premium Varietals Collection

New and delicious Varietals from Pompeian
john dertinger

Pompeian is launching its new premium line of mono-varietal extra virgin olive oils, and naming them The Varietals Collection. The new line celebrates the unique flavor profiles of single olive varieties and provides the user of any particular bottle the ability to trace the history of that bottle. To further enhance the launch of the Collection, Pompeian has partnered with award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson to develop recipes which bring the unique flavor profiles to life and point home cooks in America to a world of flavors and recipe ideas.

The Pompeian Varietals Collection offers mild to full-bodied types of extra virgin olive oil depending on what your recipe calls for. Each one can provide the perfect flavor profile for any dish. The product line is currently comprised of three delicious and unique varieties, including:
Arbequina – a mild-bodied extra virgin olive oil with a round taste of mature fruitiness and a delicate sweetness of almonds, ideal for fish and vegetables
Picholine – a medium-bodied extra virgin olive oil with a green fruitiness, hints of herbs and a pleasing balance of bitterness, great for meats and sauces
Koroneiki – a full-bodied extra virgin olive oil with robust fruitiness and a sensation of fresh cut grass leading to a peppery finish, perfect for soups and salads

To inspire at-home chefs to experience the flavors of the new collection, Pompeian commissioned Chef Marcus Samuelsson to develop recipes inspired by the flavor notes of each olive oil. To view Chef Samuelsson’s recipes, which range from chili-covered gravlax to chocolate ganache cake, please visit

There is a scene in the movie Sideways which depicts the exploits of a lost soul during a weekend getaway. He loves everything about wine and falls in love with a fellow wine lover and, during a very poignant scene near the end of the movie, she describes with great passion how each bottle of any wine is completely unique from any other as each cork seals each bottle. The Varietals Collection will allow you to uncover the history behind each of its bottles by visiting a dedicated web page ( to reveal the origins of each bottle. Simply input the lot number located on the back of each Varietal bottle to discover that bottle’s special journey - beginning at the mill, country of origin, harvest date, and ending at the kitchen table. Perhaps it's not as romantic as the wine scenario in Sideways, but it's still very inspiring. The Varietal Collection by Pompeian is a must have as it will enable any cook, with any skill level, to find something new in an old recipe and also help to bring new ideas to fruition. Try one and then get them all, they are wonderful. Enjoy!!

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