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Pomerado Health's time to build on Rancho Penasquitos hilltop

Travel past. The Black Mountain Rd canyon hill the local community lan group plans to build a healthcare campus on.
Travel past. The Black Mountain Rd canyon hill the local community lan group plans to build a healthcare campus on.
Adam Benjamin

Rancho Penasquitos residents return home to a community that has no hospital, or a health care center. Coming into the neighborhood at the Black Mountain Road hilltop, at Pimpernel Drive, to get healthcare, instead of traveling out of the north San Diego community to travel to an Excondidio hospital or clinic, has been a plan the local community planning group has had on their table for many years. Board members, again in January and February, worked on ending the community's long wait for a Wellness Campus.

The nave at the Church of Jesus Crhist of Latter-Day Saints on Rancho Penasquitos hilltop. On Black Mountain Rd.
Adam Benjamin

Ending the years locals have to travel to find healthcare depends on a San Diego city council approval on the board's approved plan. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would cease to use the hilltop. Destroying most the religious gathering place, and leaving its nave standing, would give Palomar Pomerado Health the room it needs to build a Wellness Center. The nave fits in the plan for a one story center building, open to locals in the Rancho Penasquitos community.

A 11,500 square foot center built to offer locals preventive health services would take up the low lot on the hilltop campus the board decided, in 2008, to build a 40,000 square foot outpatient clinic with medical offices on. A decision to go to work on building the two facility campus might not come until 2016.

Low buildings Pomerado plans on building would keep the hilltop flat in the community landscape. The 42 foot outpatient clinic building adds only a small built up shelter to the hilltop roof range. A 30 foot wellness center, with the church's nave built in, matches the current elevation.

There is no hurry for the community planning group to decide on the campus. The board approved plan was written into an update to the Rancho Pneasquitos community plan under consideration. But, the question on the location locals can find wellness services remains open. Alternative plans include putting in intermittent services at schools or at the golf course. Or, offering temporary services in rented commercial office spaces.

Drivers in Rancho Penasquitos make theri last stop at the church lot before traffic enters the Highway 56 intersection. Far from the local doors, east on the 56 and up the I-15 to Escondido, drivers currently find the health services needed in the community the families send their children to Canyon View Elementary School in the canyon, and, to Mt. Carmel High School, north of the 56. Shopping is found close at Town Center up the road. Lawyer services, another short distance up the road.

New paint colors at Town Center make clear Rancho Penasuitos has been putting its community development efforts into commercial enterprise. Efforgts putting healthcare services in the community simply do not compare.
Rancho Penasquitos simply never has been a community locals can walk to get healthcare.

The opportunity to put in a Wellness Center walkers can pick up wellness information, and, learn a little on their health, lasts. Taking the church land is the straightforward answer. Room to help local families make childbirth a success, and, offer behavioral health classes stays long overdue.

San Diegans settled in the Rancho Penasquitos community wait for the community planning group to return to its work on the WEllness Campus plan that would give them an opportunity to enter the center's nave, and join in fgroup fitness work.

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