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POM cuts "Noose Ad" from Chicago Transit

Controversial Noose Ad
Controversial Noose Ad
Image from Ads of the World

POM Wonderful, the juice company built on the power of pomegranate juice recently debuted an out of home campaign in Chicago's subway stations has decided to cut the campaign short.

Arguably, the campaign worked, garnering attention for its high-end juice product; so well, in fact, that consumer buzz surrounding the somewhat controversial ads resulted in the campaigns demise. The ads, created by POM's in-house creative team, depicted a bottle of the pomegranate juice with a noose around the bottle's neck; the headline read, "Cheat Death." The copy referred to the antioxidant power of the juice, a benefit that's powered sales.

The noose, however, was too much for the conservative-at-times Chicago consumer audience. Last week, POM learned of Chicagoans who had concerns over the noose's symbolism, mainly associated with past events.

(While I agree that the image of a noose can be viewed as controversial, consumers still watch old westerns and play the game hangman...)

POM will have the ads down in a couple of weeks, according the the Sun-Times. The ad is also running in Boston, D.C., and Miami, but thus far there's been no word on consumer feedback in these markets. 

POM Wonderful is one of many brands under the Roll International umbrella, a holding company started by Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The Resnicks are behind successful launches, and re-builds, of brands that include Teleflora, Fiji bottled water, The Franklin Mint, and Paramount Farms. Lynda is co-author of the book Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business.


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