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Polygon's positive preview of The Evil Within

Bethesda Softworks recently uploaded to its Bethblog a video of Polygon's Griffin McElroy and Mike McWhertor discussing a preview of the upcoming game “The Evil Within."

The visual content of the video, according to McWhertor, was B-rated footage of someone playing the game provided by Bethesda, and he and McElroy—the latter of whom was able to have a demo session playing the game—speak over it with their commentary.

The footage of the gameplay showcases some great graphics and textures, creepy enemies and the detailed environments we have come to expect from Bethesda. McWhertor describes it to McElroy as a mashup of “Resident Evil” and “Silent Hill,” able to be categorized as both a survival horror and a psychological horror game. He seems to have enjoyed it and has nothing but good things to say about the game elements, with a lighthearted tone implying that they seem cliché overall but are just right in the niche of horror gaming: fog, creepy houses, ghosts and zombies, explorations in the dark, action, and a ton of gore.

Speaking of gore, in the preview video alone, no punches were pulled. Potential players should expect to see quite a bit from fights to cutscenes, and to even interact with it on multiple occasions, as showcased by the last twenty seconds of the video.

"The Evil Within" will be released October 21 of this year, and we can surely expect to learn more after the upcoming E3. Good news for all those into scary games! It looks like a worthwhile experience for those able to stomach it.

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