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Polygamy ban: Judge makes unexpected decision in polygamy ban

Part of a polygamy ban was struck down by a judge in Utah on Wednesday. The lawsuit is linked to the Brown family of TLC's "Sister Wives."

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups states that part of the polygamy ban, which "prohibits cohabitation between adults to whom they are not legally married violates both the First and 14th Amendments," NPR reports August 28

Utah's Attorney General is considering appealing the judge's decision. The Brown family hopes that doesn't happen. As their attorney, Jonathan Turley, says after the judge's decision, people in the country shouldn't fear breaking the law over their family lifestyle.

"Neither the Attorney General nor the state of Utah should fight a ruling that reaffirmed freedom of religion and equal protection," Turley says. "Utah is a state that was founded by citizens seeking those very rights against government abuse. Utah is a better place because of the courageous decision of Judge Waddoups and the commitment of the Brown family in defense of our Constitution."

The Salt Lake Tribune mentions that lawyers for Utah argue polygamy is "inherently harmful to woman and children and the state had an interest in deterring it."

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