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Polyforma Design Project

Rokas Bernotas is starting off with shoes but wants to expand.

Why Make Just Another Fashion Product?

In an industry transfixed by the next wave of fast fashion, de firmly believes in looking back to understand the art and quality of traditional manufacturing and use that knowledge in order to create authentic products for our and future generations.

The current retail market, particularly fashion market, has fundamental flaws that often undermine interests of both producers and consumers, not to mention environment we live in.

The beauty of modern technology which completely changed the circumstances in the supply and distribution have allowed us to overcome the expenses of traditional consumer interaction, and thus, he offers high quality products, made in a sustainable, traditional style, at affordable prices. This new environment creates maximum value for all participants in their value chain, including the customer.

On top of that, it provides an opportunity for him to learn about different cultures, history and people, in order to pass on the knowledge to them which will raise awareness of traditional ways of creating top quality products.

Italian artisans have been making the best quality footwear in the world for centuries. Unfortunately, for various social and economic reasons, many of them have been pushed out of business.

By combining the positive characteristics of both traditional and modern markets, offering affordable luxury products yet making sure to honor the values and needs of modern consumer. In order to make this possible, instead of focusing solely on profit and end product, we focus on the unique process and people who participate in creating it, therefore constantly improving and growing.

The plan is to sell online to consumers.

Worried about shoe size? This is what he has to say:Shoe Sizes and Fitting

We understand how crucial it is for a pair of new shoes to be a good fit – especially when you are buying them online! We have your needs at heart. We’ve put together a comprehensive sizing chart that will aid you in deciding what shoe size you need.

After the completion of the campaign we will send out the survey with sizing chart to find out about your size, and other required details to complete our rewards and ship them to you in prompt manner.

If you need assistance figuring out your size or have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we'll gladly help you. We’ll help you out. If you receive a shoe that doesn’t fit, we got your back, and will send a properly fitting pair, free of charge!

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