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Polly McCourt: British woman gives birth on NYC sidewalk

And baby makes three for a British couple. Polly McCourt and her husband welcomed a new child into the world Monday in New York City. But there's more: the British woman gave birth on a NYC sidewalk after trying unsuccessfully to hail a taxi cab, citing a Feb. 26 BBC report.

 A woman tries to hail a taxicab after a winter storm on January 3, 2014 in New York,
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Polly McCourt's stunning delivery on the crosswalk is being called the "Miracle on 3rd Avenue" and for good reason.

The 39-year-old woman raced out of her residence in New York's Upper East Side after going into labor. She made an attempt to flag down a cab, but with her water broken, there was no time to lose: baby was coming -- ready or not.

Just moments earlier, the Briton called her obstetrician, who urged her to get to a nearby hospital pronto. On his orders, she headed downstairs, where she met the doorman to her apartment building. She indicated wanting to wait another 10 minutes until her husband arrived. But with one look at her, he advised her against it; the arrival of baby was imminent.

With no cab in sight and the labor pains intensifying, Polly McCourt began delivering her child, as evidenced by the emerging head.

Thankfully, New Yorkers ran to her assistance while the child made her way outside the womb for the first time.

She was like, 'Oh my God, the baby's coming.' And then I could see the baby's head coming out. As soon as the head came out, by the time we laid her down on the street the baby was out," said an unidentified witness on the scene of the harrowing baby delivery.

In short order, thanks to the kindness of passersby, the proud mother of two other children -- and now a new baby girl -- was not injured.

She was soon joined by her husband, Cian McCourt, who was stuck in sea of New York traffic as his child was being born.

She was smiling as she was placed in an ambulance and taken to Lennox Hill Hospital and offered many thanks to the strangers who kept her calm and warm.

The McCourt's have only been U.S. citizens for four years, but Polly McCourt is now a local celebrity in the Big Apple.

Isabella, the miracle baby, is named after a woman, who gave Polly her coat during the ordeal and walked home in the snow. Imagine that!


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