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Polls show voters want to throw out the incumbents in November

Obama and Obamacare will cost the Democrats the Senate
Obama and Obamacare will cost the Democrats the Senate
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It seems to happen every election year. The electorate has had it and wants the incumbents thrown out of office. The time around, a record 68 percent of respondents in a new poll released Saturday demand someone to vote for other than their current representative in Congress.

A mere 22 percent are content with their congressman, according to the ABC News/Washington Post survey. A Pew Research Center poll found a much higher 38 percent of their respondents said their representative in Congress did not deserve to be re-elected in 2014.

Over at the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, they found just 34 percent of voters think their members of Congress deserve re-election, while 55 percent are willing to voter them out.

Not everyone agrees including Alan Abramowitz of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. He says, voters "are likely to result in minimal change in the party balance of power."

"It's one thing to say your representative doesn't deserve to be re-elected, or even that you're open to voting him or her out, and actually doing so," Pew observed. "Americans have been more favorably disposed toward their own representative than to Congress as a whole."

However, by all indications, it appears that Obamacare has stirred the electorate where they feel the most pain – their wallets. If numbers stay the way they are in late March, Democrats can expect to lose their Senate majority and a number of seats in the House.

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