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Pollard for peace

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Jonathan Pollard was was given a life sentence in 1987 for passing classified information to the Israeli government while working as a civilian Naval intelligence analyst. Pollard was never charged with treason.

According to, there was a memorandum of understanding between the United States and Israel regarding classified information being withheld. The information being withheld from Israel included Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan and Iranian nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare capabilities - being developed for use against Israel..

Though this is a crime, none of this information put the United States in any danger. Pollard, an ideologue, believed that withholding this crucial information put Israel in danger.

Pollard is the only person in United States history convicted for spying for an ally. It is rare that convictions for spying exceeds a decade. Pollard is up for parole in late 2015.

There has been talk and rumors about releasing Pollard to strengthen the ties between the two nations in order to speed up the peace process with the Palestinians. The peace process has been failing miserably since the 1970s.

Pollard who served this long sentence will have to deal with knowing he was responsible for Israel making more concessions with the Palestinians that may again put Israel in more danger.

Pollard should be released now for humanitarian reasons. The peace talks will continue to break down as it has throughout past administrations.