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Poll shows American Muslims give most support to Obama's administration

President Barack Obama hosted Ramadan Iftar dinner for Muslims on July 25, 2013
President Barack Obama hosted Ramadan Iftar dinner for Muslims on July 25, 2013
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The Gallup poll results as reported by New York’s Daily News show that Muslims in the US are more favorable to the administration of President Barack Obama. The report released Friday confirms that 72 per cent of supporters are Muslims.

Followers of other faiths, Catholics and Protestants showed disapproval of Obama’s job in the White House, citing interaction with faith-based organizations who are promoters of religious exemption from contraception as contained in the Affordable Care Act. The Mormons are specifically angry with the President following his defeat of their member, Mitt Romney at the 2012 presidential election. 78 per cent of Mormons disapprove his administration’s handling of the country’s affairs.

Joshua Dubois, Obama's former pastor and a supporter of his administration responding to the poll said "All the President can do is to live out his Christian walk every single day. The detractor will do their detracting, but at the end of the day, it's about his relationship with God, and that relationship, for all that I can tell, is strong."

Even though President Obama has on several occasions declared himself a Christian by faith, his critics have labeled him the “the first Muslim President.” The poll’s results as published by Gallup are considered by analysts as a reflection of Americans’ rating of the President’s job which stood at 43 per cent according to interview responses in the first six months of 2014.