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Poll says majority didn't want Governor Sanford impeached, Bauer blamed

Governor Mark Sanford to be Censured by the General Assembly
Governor Mark Sanford to be Censured by the General Assembly
Governor Mark Sanford

While a poll reporting on Sanford impeachment data may now be nothing more than academic. The poll provided some interesting insight anyway. In a 6 to 1 decision the House Judiciary Committee review of the case says that impeachment proceedings will not be introduced. Instead they will recommend censure to the General Assembly. The polling organization, Public Policy Polling, is reporting that only thirty-two percent of those polled wanted the disgraced governor should be impeached. A majority, fifty-two percent, say they are opposed to impeachment proceedings.

That isn't to say the governor is sportingly popular, it just means some other factors may be in play. Sanford's popularity rating has remained in the low thirties since his affair was uncovered back in June. PPP says Sanford's popularity is at thirty-six percent. He continues to have disapproval ratings in the fifties. This week's polling report shows a fifty-one percent disapproval rating. This does not make him the most unpopular Republican in the state, however; among the most conservative groups responding to the poll, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham currently holds that title. Graham continues to have problems with strong conservatives as he continues to support climate change and cap and trade legislation, issues that are highly unpopular with South Carolina conservatives.

Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer may have more to do with the electorates desire not to impeach Sanford, as Bauer would be the chief beneficiary if the Governor were impeached. Bauer's unfavorable rating is even worse then the Governor's. Bauer, has been called a "a loose canon" who is viewed as a mischievous young politician who has not matured to take over the states top position.

So for now, Sanford will hold his Governor's position until the November elections. Meanwhile, the first polling on the states Gubernatorial race are beginning to file in. Complete with some teaser data that says, "Henry McMaster and Jim Rex appear to be the early favorites within their respective parties" and further information to substantiate the claims that the Lt. Governor has an image problem.


  • Pete 5 years ago

    Bauer? has not matured. It would seem that Sanford has not matured with these exploits. Folks in SC must be daffy. Heck we can send you our ex-gov Blago and you can make him gov.