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Poll: Portman and Fisher remain tied in Senate race

Rob Portman (left) and Lee Fisher are running neck-and-neck for Ohio's open Senate seat.
Rob Portman (left) and Lee Fisher are running neck-and-neck for Ohio's open Senate seat.Photo/

For the second straight month, Rob Portman (R) and Lee Fisher (D) remain tied in their race to replace Senator George Voinovich in the U.S. Senate

A Rasmussen Reports poll finds former Republican Congressman Rob Portman and his Democratic rival, Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, remain in a dead heat in Ohio's race for the U.S. Senate.  Both candidates received 43% support in the Rasmussen phone survey, with 4% supporting a different candidate and 10% undecided.

Throughout the early stages of the race, Portman led both Fisher and his primary opponent Jennifer Brunner by modest margins.  As recently as April, Portman led Fisher by 7 points.  However, in the two polls conducted since Fisher topped Brunner in the Democratic primary, the candidates have been tied.

While Portman holds a 14-point lead among male voters in Ohio, Fisher leads by virtually the same margin among women. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party in Ohio, Portman holds 46% to 27% edge. 

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  • Proud Black Republican 4 years ago

    Ohio must send Rob Portman to the US Senate! Defeat Socialist Democrats!