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Poll: Dina Titus leads Ruben Kihuen in Nevada CD1

Ruben Kihuen and Dina Titus
Ruben Kihuen and Dina Titus

New polling numbers released today show former congresswoman Dina Titus leads state Senator Ruben Kihuen in the primary for Nevada’s 1st congressional district. The poll conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research, shows Titus with a 66 point lead, 77 percent to 11 percent.

Dina Titus is the former congresswoman for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district and lost to Joe Heck in 2010, as her opponent was swept into office on a sea of Tea Party hysteria, which has acted like a tsunami that destroys everything in its path and only leaves devastation and misery behind.

State Senator Ruben Kihuen is well liked among democrats, and with the new redistricting lines that have been drawn into CD1, that include a large Hispanic voter base, this should certainly be to his advantage.

Both candidates bring their own uniqueness to the race, but Titus has the better name recognition, and she has a stronger list of accomplishments in the Nevada legislature and as a congresswoman.

More numbers from the poll:

*Titus begins the race with 94% name identification and 81% of voters give her a favorable rating (only 13% are unfavorable). More than three-quarters of Democratic primary voters approve of the job she did while in Congress (77% approve – 12% disapprove).

*Titus’s popularity cuts across racial lines. Among white voters her favorable rating is 84% favorable – 14% unfavorable and 82% approve of the job she did in Congress. Latino voters are also solidly in her corner, 78% favorable – 12% unfavorable, and 67% approve of her job in Congress (12% disapprove).

*Titus’s popularity spans the geographic lines of the district. In parts of the district that were previously part of the 3rd congressional district (which Titus represented) her standing is 79% favorable – 16% unfavorable. In the parts of the district that were part of the old 1st district, her standing is 83% favorable – 9% unfavorable.

With the primary still 6 months away, this poll shows that state Senator Ruben Kihuen, despite the new redistricting lines, has an uphill battle on his hands to win the hearts and minds of voters in Nevada’s 1st congressional district.


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