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Polk-a-dot pleasures: How to wear them and what to wear them with

A new take on a classic trench. This polk-a-dot coat with red buttons has an Audrey Hepburn quality.
A new take on a classic trench. This polk-a-dot coat with red buttons has an Audrey Hepburn quality.

There are many prints to choose from in the world of fashion. Some require more moxie than others. Florals are common, plaid is comfortable, stripes can be unflattering, but polk-a-dots, now there's a print to go gaga for! Not for the faint at heart, when you are wearing polk-a-dots, you need to be wearing your confidence with them. 

Girlish and flirtatious, polk-a-dots heel-toe the fine line between youthful and sophisticated. Much depends on the actual size of the dot and the ratio of it to your body. The smaller the dot, the more of them it takes to fill the garment, which leads to more tricks being plaid on the eyes. For smaller frames, choose any dot you like. For larger frames, choose a dot that is larger itself, to balance the print with your body type. A dress like the one to the left, by Project Runway's own Kara Janx, is perfect for any shape. It's cinched waist, and full skirt are thinning on their own, but with the addition of the print, this dress goes to the next level of flattering chic. We all knew Kara would do well, even if she wasn't the winner of the grand prize at the end.  Kara won praise from cinema's own Julia Roberts for her amazing wrap dresses. This polk-a-dot party dress is just another notch in Kara's win column! 

Black and White are the easiest and most classic of polk-a-dot prints, which lends it a "dressed up" charm. While they seem to work best in neutral shades, making this print work in color is actually just as easy. If you are one of those women who tend to feel overdressed in a dress, choosing your polk-a-dots in separates is a more versatile and thrifty choice for your personal style. Cocktail dresses are clearly not for the every day. 

For a more casual, weekend look, try a silky tank with a bold color of dot, like this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Soft and loose fitting, a silk tank is ideal for all nature loving, outdoorsy girls living in the Rocky Mountains. Feel free to move about the mountainside city with a luxuriously soft, carefree print. These styles are available on the retail market in several fun colors, and also in jersey cotton, another practical and chic fabric fit for fun in the sun.

Pair and accessorize your polk-a-dots with special care, paying close attention to complimenting and contrasting colors, whether your dots are traditional black and whites, other neutrals, or even if you opt for a bolder hue, you don't want your accessories competing with your print. In many cases of polk-a-dot pairing, accessories  should be kept minimal. After all, when your print is doing the talking, there's enough said. Don't convolute your message by adding too much. 

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  • KARAMA 5 years ago

    love the print with the shorts! You are so very insightful...

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