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Politifact misinforms public on Democrats appeasing terrorists

Yet another partisan liberal "fact-checker" has embarrassed and discredited itself to defend the left's latest crime against the Constitution, the American people, and our troops. This time, it is Politifact, which pretended last week to investigate the left's illegal appeasement of the Taliban (putting five captured terrorist leaders back on the streets in exchange for one apparently America-hating hostage), which Senator Ted Cruz rightly condemned as a major step backward and an outright reversal of decades of US foreign policy.

Obama returns to the White House from Dover Air Force Base
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Staying true to form, the card-carrying DNC activists posing as neutral observers at Politifact responded to Cruz's statement by rushing in to misrepresent the situation as Democrats being unfairly smeared. They began by using their always-obscenely dishonest avatars to brand Cruz's accurate statement as, "Mostly False."

Then they tried to argue that the Taliban weren't really necessarily terrorists (so trading with mass-murdering savages as if they were heads of state with legitimate POWs is thus okay), and dredged up a token leftist RINO from the Bush administration to assure us that appeasement is now normal, mainstream, and sensible (which it is provably not).

They then listed off some isolated cases from hundreds of years ago in which US Presidents briefly negotiated with various thugs and dictators to improve the country's position at the if such acts are even vaguely comparable to Democrats blindly groveling, appeasing and surrendering to Islamic lunatics at every turn in a post-9/11 world.

And of course, the claim that Cruz made was about recent decades of foreign policy being reversed, so Politifact's irrelevant diversion of bringing up events from two centuries ago (which was clearly aimed at using the Founding Fathers to silence valid objections to treasonous liberal fanaticism) doesn't even make sense on its face.

And for their finale, Politifact then listed off a handful of more recent exceptions to the "never negotiate with terrorists" rule--from Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and leftist RINO Richard if finding other liberals who have spit in the face of America's principles and values in any way indicates that they never existed.

Using that logic, one could say that the US military does not in fact have a bedrock policy of never leaving a fallen soldier behind simply because Democrats allow veterans to die on waiting lists and abandoned Americans to be dragged through the streets and tortured to death in Benghazi (before apologizing to the terrorists and falsely blaming their savagery on Americans having the right to disagree with Islam in public).

And the kicker: Politifact couldn't let this hilariously biased "fact-check" conclude without adding conservative champion Ronald Reagan to the list...for working around the relentless Democrat refusal to fight back against the Soviets by arming Iran's fight against Iraq (which advanced US interests) to fund anti-communist freedom fighters in Nicaragua (which advanced US interests)...again, none of which is anything like Democrats releasing five high-level terrorist leaders responsible for countless American deaths, merely to appease Islamic lunatics into releasing one utterly despised hostage.

For those mindlessly looking for any excuse to dismiss any and all criticism of Democrats, Politifact's absurd propaganda here looks like overwhelming evidence that Ted Cruz just made up a bunch of ignorant hysteria. But for those of us who haven't turned our brains off to worship at the alter of "change," it looks like exactly what it is: Sleazy partisan spin designed to prop up liberal nonsense and eviscerate those who dare to tell the truth.

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