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Politics: No need to look here, government tells you to look away

Governments across the world are attempting to tell the public to look away from matters of political interest. Taking internet controls and other means of communications over, each political operation offers an agenda but with the same intentions of cont
Governments across the world are attempting to tell the public to look away from matters of political interest. Taking internet controls and other means of communications over, each political operation offers an agenda but with the same intentions of cont
Composed from photos taken by Michael Pulse

Social order is directly connected to the information people use to develop their lives on, this is dependant on to the creditability of that information. Many events occurring around the world are directly linked to the public’s availability to access information, it is never perfect. The Koch brothers certainly would like the public to stop looking at them, they are feeling the crunch by both governmental and economic losses. They are not the only ones, and once again they move to place local officials at the point to make a stand for their power bases. This is only a façade, the real nature is to gain the creditability based on the public trusting them once more. A false sense of security at best, is not worthy of any support or social authority offered it.
Do you know what really connects a society together…the willingness of individuals to link themselves together. Acceptance of others, while not completely involved with them but still allowing the same rights is order established on equality. But there are those who establish order based on the inequality their public positions offer them and only them. They are not so willing to live with others, only to use others as if they were simple resources to be exploited for personal gains. We are seeing the multitude of world events as other have orchestrated them to become, wanting to take but not wanting to be noticed for such desires.
The direct link of global events relates back by the public information systems we have, thus we make our opinions based on these sources. And information sources allow the public to decide on matters, but only based on the reliability of the information we gain. As example, Condi Rice has not “switched focus” she is still wanting to get back into the White House offices, only she does not what the public to be reminded feeding it the wrong information. Her creditability is directly tied to the information once supplied, the same which offered no benefit then and will not offer any in the future. But as information is being supplied only by those with the funding to buy whatever they want, so goes the way they allow the information to be produced.
And funding is being moved to more local offices, this under design to promote another generation of officials to follow the same Koch brothers desires. The local officials which refused to accept orders by higher authority have gained the national attention and are now get financed support. Efforts to make directions moved by local support to national agendas, requires heavy financing but it also keyed to support across the nation. The Koch brothers and others are playing this game by aligning the many different local groups together for their personal gains. This places the local officials at the center point for future political power bases through up coming elections.
The fight to remove solar and wind power options from consumers in Oklahoma was but one means use, Governor Fallin looking to national politics already, supported for the Kochs. The public means to become self-sufficient was a Tea Party motto, how simple have they changed now that their leadership sold out. Presenting more accusations to those who are looking for where the funds come from, the IRS scandal has not slowed their connections to the Koch funds. American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is simple another connection coming in to protect those same gaining funds, yet for all purpose they serve the same masters. The public can either become the slaves of such minds, or free themselves and regain the creditable information sources they deserves, but first the sources of information must be free as well.
Creditability is a resource, which not all of us have, nor which we will have in everything. Those who do have such, gained it by the hard work they put in, those without are desperately in need and will take it from those who have worked for it. The lack of creditability seen today in world governments is growing; those wanting any future authority have realized they need to regain it and fast. Thus they are attempting to take it away from those who have spent their lives keeping it safe. The future political candidates want to sell other people’s creditability for their personal gains, and I warn all individuals to fight for and protect your personal creditability.
The false sense of security offered by those in global governments is there only because they have stolen the creditability of others for their personal gains. The Koch brothers are working on training their next generation of political “dogs” to do the same, thus keeping the leash on the political agendas as they wish. Funny how those who seem to be siding with this group, have little to do with what they say they started doing. Instead, once the Koch brothers and their kind come in, what started the political actions are forgotten about in while serving the Koch based funding needs instead.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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