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Politics: Looking, but legislatures do not solve problems only create them

Everyone is looking for more legislation to solve the current political problems. But it was the legislators who caused these problems, with reasoning they needed to force the public if they wanted to stay in power. The answers then do not come from them.
Everyone is looking for more legislation to solve the current political problems. But it was the legislators who caused these problems, with reasoning they needed to force the public if they wanted to stay in power. The answers then do not come from them.

Being the cause of so many problems, legislators have been thinking it is easy to deceive the public into doing whatever they wanted. The use of money to control more daily lives has allowed them to play this game of control, but only by control over the funds used. As time passes new infrastructures are developed, which can completely replace those funds. This presents an idea to have new legislations force changes, but we should know by now such is not going to stop what they do. Changes will only occur as the public takes individual actions to achieve carrying through on what it has demanded. The mindset developed over the years has become the major problem, as those in power have feed upon the concepts of being superior only by their own words. What the public needs to do it get through this wall of misinformation, to make the point of how reality works and things need to be structured accordingly.
A basic principal of those wanting to take power is to refuse to solve problems unless they get rewarded first. But there has become another way, the creation of problems and situations to force people to obey and serve their demands. This is nothing except politics in its purest form, not offering to help others instead, forcing one’s personal will and desires. Business and incomes come by way of providing a service to others in exchange for an equal return. But taking power removes resources from others while not offering an equal resource in return, leaving them to suffer while others look away.
Income is not created this way, instead what others have is taken by force placed upon them, with the extreme of this being military actions. As there is no equality given in return, those forced to give up resources are victims, as they have been left with less resources to survive with. Those operating the political system assume power; they do not have any real authority than what is given to them by the public. Yet as monetary funds are what they obey so well, removing the majority from access to such funds, removes the majority from politic systems. This violates the civil rights and constitutionality’s meant to keep tyrants from gaining power to begin with, the public authority taken over by the corruption it is meant to keep away. This allowed within the minds of those few who paid off the political processes, could not happen unless those in office were willing to accept corruption in the first place.
Thus as the corrupted legislators have taken offices, it can not be believe they have the means, will or creditability to offer better solutions. And even if they did, what would it cost to get them motivated enough to offer such…what would you have to pay to get what should have been yours in the first place? It is within their minds we must reach, where the decision was made long ago, the belief in others being less-than-equal to themselves. This mindset which they have managed to teach others is the real enemy, as it moves like a virus through the means to authority and takes control. So long as legislatures look only to increase their personal funds by taking from others, there will be no new economics progresses made.
Real political progress is based on each individual making choices as to what is needed, one of the basics rules of economics itself. Whether it Germany-US relations, fracking caused earthquakes, or a village council ordering rape, it is the decisions made in our minds which determine what is most important. And just as well are the decisions made on the other side, such as Mexican citizens become vigilantes to end the corruption, or Arab Spring’s revolutions throughout the Middle East. The fact many political controls do not accept the public has rights, controls and freedoms within their own nations, can only be accepted by those willingly teaching it. This developed mindset did not just happen; it was created slowly and over time but with constant desires placed behind it. Although politics and legal matters offer individuals support, it is only money which causes such desires to continue over time.
The belief started simply enough, with the need to gain confidence in decisions and creditability offered through political actions. But over time, as infrastructure was built around only the desires of these few, the very survival of the political process became so keyed to even more corruption for its survival. Empires are built upon an every expanding territory; therefore every increasing amount of resources made available. Releasing resources are limited; one must also realize there is a limitation already in existence upon the size of such political power. Yet it does not reach the mind of those trapped by this false mindset, they can not conceive there will be loses in their authority, until it hits them in the face.
If we are to move forward, it must be as one not as an individual but as a completed social desire to obtain more efficiency for all. Business basics talks about serving the needs of those lacking, but if all attention is directed only at the few, who already have, where is the efficiency? Efficiency for an entire society is only achieved by every need being met for the whole society, not for the few. Reliance upon legislators, who have already been looking the wrong way for some time, will not get the matter solved. The public must learn to rely on themselves and move progress as they need by individual actions, making changes as they need to redirect once more.

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