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Politics: Islamic fatality, honor found only by blood and death

The world of Islam may not be the same as the rest of the world, but that does not excuses actions taken. There is no honor found by killing another for making a choice, only the excuse used by individuals gaining a social standing.

The Islamic culture differs from cultures found in our world, yet it has also been shaped by the different regions it is found in. Simply stating something is law does not excuse one for individual actions taken; it only states what the society standards of law are. The Boko Haram and others are stating they live by Islamic laws thus serving God, but law as presented God treats all equally and Islam is not. Around the world we are seeing how the rights of others are disregarded so a few can keep their social standing. Yet there is no honor in a society presenting murder as a social status, there is only death waiting for the entire society. A global Islamic consciousness has not yet been created, and the many fractions are grabbing for power without understanding.
Islam has to accept a fact, there is no honor in killing especially for nothing more than a social standing. Protecting one’s honor by making others die shows no honor at all, except to honor death itself. Honor means respect given by those around the individual, seeking a social status by a killing act has nothing to do with honor or law, only personal desires. The individual who seeks a social status built upon blood shed is not seeking to live with others. Laws create a society existing for all, as such sets the standard of what that society accepts and enforces such standards upon all equally.
Legislation presents ideas which offer to move society by a directed focus, yet that focus can be in any direction which does not indicate a good direction. As such society has the means to accept or reject social actions, even social statuses which are created to destroy the same society. The world has seen Islamic laws taking shape, but doing little to reshape the past behaviors into a social and civilized state. Yet we are constantly shown the images of what these laws do allow, which is neither civilized nor focused on building a free society. Those professing to lead others have only one constant, they use violence to gain self promotions, at other’s expense they take what they want.
The worst of crimes are easily covered by stating it was done in the name of a god, but only a dead god wants life to be taken and blood shed. Mariam Yehya Ibrahim was sentenced for the faith she represents, yet living in the community around her she has progressed in a responsible manner. Charged for adultery and apostasy, she is to be flogged then put to death, yet if the information is correct she was never Islamic so there can be no apostasy. And if Shari’a law is so opposed to other faiths, it can not accept diversity in culture or society, nor existence with other nations. International laws were set in place to allow all nations equality, yet without diversity accepted the rights of others are disregarded and only violence grows.
Equality in all law allows for peaceful representation of rights, refusing to allow every individual the same rights leaves no means to build a society. Social status is dependant on how others see and respond to the action one has taken, this promotes a focus in that society. But if social status is only achieved by blood-shed, that society which is built focuses on seeking more blood-shed and less peaceful interactions. Laws reflect our focus, so long as those in the same society gain prestige for such actions they promote the same again and again. Building a society where prominence is gained by the amount of blood-shed one has done, does not build a civilized society and order, but a disease.
There can be no honor found in one who takes the live another for so simple a desire as a higher social standing, but it does let the next generations see how to gain prominence. The more allowed, the more easily it can be found to accept such in all future actions, thus violence will beget more violence. And a society which is built upon violence can not be allowed to last, it takes the littlest of minds to determine violence gains them power to teach it to the next generations. Societies built upon little minds have no foundations to last or to adapt to the events which cause changes. If the global consciousness of Islam is to last, it must not allow people to be used for individuals personal social status, it must not accept such grabs for power.
Islam has a problem it has not developed a unified base, it has talked and stated many basics but when it comes to taking action, to move it forward, there is little action. You can not simple say this it the way or path, you have to move towards that goal seen as well, to meet reality with action and directed focus. The problem is: if you wait others will claim they are moving and draw to them those seeking faith, yet they may not be moving towards the same goal. And the social actions they take, even the laws they create, will not be in the direction needed, without diversity to keep us straight we lose the path easily.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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