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Politics: Governmental woes, more coming as we go forward

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The US federal government has not been managing operations for some time; instead it has been managed by the political agendas to create more problems. We can start with those still unemployed, they are willing to work but even having the education does not get one employed. Immigration is expected, but not if it allows violence to be created and used upon the public by the action(s) of those who should not be part of our society to begin with. It is not discrimination to say such, it is a matter of what society we want to develop, and the influences we gain to form that development. The Washington politics has formed around doing nothing, only allowing the problems to continue to rise. And the public still believes the same political agendas creating these problems will solve those problems, if only we continue increase their pay?
As we look to Washington to solve our problems we must realize, the only reason it exist is to centralize control, not to allow freedom for the majority. The concept that increasing pay equals increased production is not true, for if all it took was more funds in the hands of few to solve problems we would have no new problems. But Washington politicians control funds to increase their incomes, not to allow support to the public or allow the public to oppose them. Drawing away funds for themselves shows the lack of characters these politicians have, to combine with the lack of creditability offered to the voters who authorized this power structure to exist. It is for this reason the veterans have become attacked, and it is an attack upon them, as they have retained creditability which Washington has lost.
A ‘Culture of Fear’ exists, created by the Washington political agendas which have shown they will continue to draw away whatever others have to take as their own. To report any incident, offer any feedback thus puts your career and family funds at jeopardy. Showden did the correct thing; he protected the public from a governmental political agenda out-of-control, yet had to leave the nation to retain freedom. Others have seen this and know if they come forward to tell what they know, there will be no support for them either. Washington has made it clear, talking out about the policy failures coming from Congress, the White House or the Supreme Court is a quick way to end your future.
Putin may not be the best character in the world, but he does know when to trust someone, and he has not trusted Washington for a long time. Those coming from other nations, where they have gained the habit of violence, want to immigrate to the US; they bring this habit with them. It is simple enough to force a return to their native nations, yet the political agenda from Washington does not accept this. Instead it accepts that violence becomes normal, as the public is stressed to the limits of survival, that the public has to be stressed into creating violence. This to support all the activities already prepared, infrastructures already created as prisons, tactical training, ammunition storages, etc….
Remember what happened in the Middle East, as national leaders refused to accept the public’s peaceful demands for changes, thus violence became the only option? Imagine what would happen if the same was forced upon the US population, decreasing freedoms while increasing the levels of protective services to the corrupted political leadership. But if you say it can not happen, then why is the NSA tapping e-mails, or the increases in prisons in a nation supposedly free but with one the largest prison population? As people have come forward to speak out about the governmental abuses, they are not given protections by the courts or other political agendas, only hunted and forced to seek international protections. A nation which is free must also be one free to speak against its own government, giving feedback to further improve public works.
Unemployment rates have not fallen, but the benefits have stopped for many as have faith in Washington to every offer aid. Just as the VA scandal shows, the governmental offices are ‘cooking the books’ by issuing false reports to support a personal political outlook. Looking good under false creditability does not create true creditability for others to see, thus the attack on any who have such. The veterans have proven they can and will work for the public interest, thus they must be attacked even killed to support the political agenda which demands more violence. This is why two list are presented, to remove those who oppose but without the public interferences, thus less oppositions exists and the politicians are made to look good. Any who offer to support the public have become attacked by those in Washington, as using their creditability to gain offices they now have no other means to promote themselves except by more short comings, corruption and violence being the choice ones.
The politicians can blame understaffing and outside contractors, but they were the ones forcing these actions, even when others told them it was not safe. And now they want to cut even more, while charges have not even been completed filed, the political agenda still wants those with creditability to die instead of speaking out. Removing oppositions makes political operations move only in the direction which is sent as more profitable for the few. If the majority rules, they need Washington DC to understand clearly, the majority must profit and not later, it has to be today. The increasing disregard for the citizens of any nation by those given authority only leads to one end and Washington knows this. The only reason it would move in such a direction is to increase the possibility of that ending, to cause the events it has seen in other nations and take total power away from the public.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance: