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Politics: Former US Presidents, still seeking recognition

Even out of office former presidents refuse to stay out of the limelight. Insistent need to be seen as a public figure relates to them as every being of value, yet reality stays they were worthless and now.
Even out of office former presidents refuse to stay out of the limelight. Insistent need to be seen as a public figure relates to them as every being of value, yet reality stays they were worthless and now. Composed by Michael Pulse

There is a funny story going around, it is how a former president wants recognition for civil services performed. The impact of any former presidents is easily seen, described by the amount of chaos they left when leaving office. Both Bush (Jr.) and Clinton left office with such chaos, there can be no considerations but they were complete failures. Still they are recently shown in the public view to regain notice, attempting sway the public into belief they served well as presidents. The facts speak for themselves, it has long been since any president was worthy of holding the office and authority they once had. We need a president which does not lie, cheat nor believe God is willing to direct a war for their honors.
The services performed by any president, are expected to reflect the worth that office represents to the public. But we have not seen such value coming from this office in many years, former presidents leave office amid scandals and disruptions. Yet they still believe the public must show respect them, even offer to support the charitable works they say are offered in the name of civil services. These works are nothing more than lies, the same type presented while in office, yet reality proved them so wrong then and it will again. Impacts from this office have become nothing by chaos, as more incompetencies are seen with every day.
Reality has impacted our lives, even as presidents change office we see the differences between their words and the actions taken. Those wanting to blame any current presidency for things happening now, must remember these scandals erupted by former plans to cause less creditability for all who follow. Started long ago, while the same former presidents were in charge, and still remaining as problems. The very fact none of them have been made to bear the weight of what they caused, shows how well protected such a position is. Yet without some form of discipline, there will be no changes seen, in fact these actions continue to get out of hand.
The failures once started are kept going, as those gaining financially see only their profits, to the former presidents they pay looking to gain more profits. The charities set up in their names, are only being used to front the same agendas they instilled into public service while in office. But this requires they keep constantly in the public view, to gain support for policies which have already failed. The only means to continue failed comes by the public being blinded through futher financial support coming, investments into futuring the failed programs. Public authority is required to keep such going, feeding the finances of those who need to establish control by restraining the public rights.
Swaying the public to continue such failures is why these presidents are coming out into the public, paid spokesman are not leaders. Simple advertisement wrapped up in a cloak of deceit and misdirection, while the truth gets buried by associations founded on such deceits. The former presidents started failure we see happening today, and being friendly with those gaining by such incompetence does not lead to success. It only leads to more incompetency, every to grow while more lies are spread and less facts offered. The removal of public rights started long ago, but it can not continue unless the public continues to give authority to such.
The public needs to understand the reality; a small section of society wants to prove they are so much better than all others. Yet if this was true, there would be success stories to state coming out of these policies by now, reality check has shown they are only failures. A question results as to whether the majority accepts this treatment and lack of civil rights which has issued. Or if the majority is even represented anymore by those holding this office and title, for as seen there are none representing the majority in the White House today. If the public controls the government, the governmental authority must be punished when it fails to met the standards set by the public.
Failing standards has continued to come from the White House for many generations, yet there is no discipline upon those there. The public controls are ignored; there are many even suggesting if things go totally bad, those in power should not tell the public. No warning given, is one of the problems which caused Katrina to kill so many in Louisiana, such does not support the majorities survival. It only allows a preselected few to survive by taking the resources the majority offers away, while those committing crimes remain unpunished.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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