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Politics Examiner gives Congress a failing grade on timeliness

Add to failures in timeliness, accuracy and completeness. Let’s discuss.

They are failing on the hill
James George

Start with the little and obvious things. A large percentage of Americans are living in poverty and are about to fall in. Raising the minimum wage can buy time, but it can’t save them forever. Congress has failed to pass the minimum wage law. Congress has no plans for a sustainable economy and for that they are a failure.

Congress doesn’t like Social Security and Medicare the way that it is. However, they have failed to produce alternative plans that will address the necessity that Americans have for retirement incomes and benefits. Barack Obama offers a small improvement idea, but both Congress and the President are failing to address America’s necessity for a good life for all for the rest of their lives.

Working families need assistance to keep them working. That is desirable. Some changes in work rules can make it easier. Obama is employing executive leadership to address that, but Congress should complete the job. On that, they are failing.

Job training and education deserve improved national policy attention by Congress and the President. The President has launched a Biden-led initiative, but without Congress, it will fall short.

This Congress has no compassion and is blind to the necessity as unemployed people need extended benefits. Congress has no solution other than to boot them and their families onto the street. Will that succeed or cause Americans to riot?

Blind to science, the environment and ecology is in desperate shape, but Congress doesn’t get it. Their leader is a chain smoker and a drunk, so what do you expect?

President Obama has now announced that he favors fracking if it can be done without polluting all of the water on the east coast watershed. Where is the proof that this can be done? Where is Congress in regulating this industry?

Immigration reform has languished since George W. Bush left office. Congress under both Democrats and Republicans has failed to enact comprehensive legislation.On that, they fail.

Congress has failed to simplify the tax code, closing loopholes that permit wealthy Americans to escape with needed revenues.

The President wants trade authority so that he can perform as executive. Congress has failed to give it to him, even his own party.

Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay, but the Constitutional lawyer in chief has failed to produce an effective alternative.

Congress failed to protect children in schools by strengthening gun control.

Congress gets an F, and Obama gets a C+ for effort shown.

See the Obama to do list at CBS News.

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