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Politics: Emergency non-responsive to public

Homeland security and FEMA want the American public to appear prepared for any emergency, but only under their control procedures. Some of what they are proposing is not procedures but future limitations on privacy and freedoms.
Homeland security and FEMA want the American public to appear prepared for any emergency, but only under their control procedures. Some of what they are proposing is not procedures but future limitations on privacy and freedoms.

Here in Oklahoma the earthquakes are continuing, we still can not say way we are getting so many nor why the intensity levels we have exist. What we do know is tornado season is starting once more, with no resolve to whether or not our schools are protected any better than last year. Homeland security and FEMA are combining efforts to assure the mass public is cared for in national emergencies though but this care comes with the cost of their freedoms. The public needs to understand these agencies are not working for the majority rule, instead for the few individuals and organizations seen as enjoined with national political interest. And it is the political interest which is built around keeping a few wealth by making the majority suffer, which has been in control. The future of emergency operations has already been seen as it was played out in Katrina, with the citizens left to suffer while other got big profits to make things even worse.

We have been told a lot of stories about Oklahoma having a fault line, recently the state citizens are getting to know this well. This last week there were at least four of them in the early morning, if you want to stay up-dated look at this report, this site is kept current by the Oklahoma Geological Survey. The mappings shows the indications of an active fault line, and any pressure place upon it results in the earthquakes we experience. Normally there are few felt, but the intensity has been increasing, and this brings up the risk involved with such, especially during the coming tornado season. We built schools years ago after tornadoes destroyed them, only to have them hit last year again, and that is not the worse of things.
Analyses of events and construction of the new schools should faulty construction used, those responsible only changing their names to do the same more times than we want to remember. And the state government is not very willing to offer solutions to see such things do not result once more. In fact the educational system as directed by Gov. Fallin has been taking heat every since her appointment for one failure after another. Even now there are more concerns over the department and how it is being run, with little changes offered except more demands from Fallin for more funds. Yet if federal officials are to assure the public’s safety, should they not also assure the state governments do the same? Unless the only considerations are meant to be for keeping a government in operation, even one that is no longer authorized by the public it enforces upon.
Caring for any mass of people affected by emergencies requires procedures which direct attentions to their needs, but it should also require these people do not lose their rights in this process. Concentration camps have been reported to be built, facilities operational and staffed but not current occupied. They await the next major disaster or national mandated condition which directs personal to them for security measures. Questioning whose security it the issue, for it this is only to keep the same political ideology in place, they are prisons not emergency shelters for those in need. This defining line has yet to be seen or even addressed, but if money indicates political action, there is a lot to be made from keeping the poor in such conditions for a few to take advantage of.
The political interest fueled only by large accounts is not interested in the needs of the public, only the needs these few in charge want funds for. Already the states taken over by such political ideology have more need than every for federal funds, thus a sure indication of how the major funds are caring for society today. This combines with insufficient insurance regulations by states do not meet necessary requirements for normal operations, much less disasters as they occur. The need to care for ourselves, to even survive is being taken away by laws proposed only under the power of money not reasoning. And the public in every state is being denied even the right to speak out about such, all this by the same federal agencies who say they are protecting us.
They can always say ‘It is the law, we are simple following orders.’ But if people make the laws, then people are given the right to decide which ideas are made into law and which are not. Recently the courts have decided to let money buy political favors, and more recent the McCutcheon ruling. They now want to use paid credentials to present ideas which are only in line with the ideas they have, oppositions are not allowed. They believe in creating facts by paying for them, while those in opposition are keep silent by the NSA communications spying. One emergency or even a likely excuse has been all empires every needed to remove the public’s voice from decisions, and money controls the profits gained to keep the same political agendas in place.
The biggest investors are lining up into Black Rock, a single minded investment group which seems to profit as more people suffer, while they gain more control over investors funding. The desire to get paid by other people’s suffering is driving the state politics to the extreme, and the Republican members are all too willing to jump on board, but so are the Democrats. Neither party is willing to fight for the public anymore, it has been left up to the new grassroots organizations to fight, while the tired old ones seek instead to cause more concerns and do less in return. They keep saying there is a need to pay them more, as if they were poor but they have no idea of what it is to be without. They only want to take away what others have and keep them in silence, thus they can say there are not concerns only because they have keep people from become aware of the real dangers.

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