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Politics: Citizens in revolt, anger increases across the globe

Politicians are using the same tricks across the globe, the results are the same and public has had enough. Politics as usual only allows the same controls directing the public to demands, wanting better and getting upset, the public has been put off for
Politicians are using the same tricks across the globe, the results are the same and public has had enough. Politics as usual only allows the same controls directing the public to demands, wanting better and getting upset, the public has been put off for

India has up-coming elections, the public there is looking for changes it needs with only politicians responding as they always do. Here in the US, we are facing much the same in our political future, with corruption and disappearing political center ground. All these political effects do not stop at the national borders either, the personal agendas those in authority have are moved through the public authority to affect others. As this has evolved it now directs more international conflicts as the personal wills of a few clashes together. The global political agendas are failing even now, but as the future becomes even harsher they will fail even more. The reality has begun to dawn on the public majority; those holding national authority are not looking out for those in the public, but instead for those who can profit from violence and corruption.
Looking at India’s GDP and growth, we can see how the political structure had been engaged by global corruption to offer even less to the public. Changes are needed not just in political candidates but also in the manner of governance and economic means offered. The divisions of government seen are based only on individuals seeking power to control society, and in return offering the authority for sale. Authority given to governmental administrators should not be sold; it violates the very trust the public has in such governmental operations. But admittedly India is not alone, for this has spread throughout the world to China, Russia and even here in the US.
The problem is the public has been forced to accept the differences in only two major political constraints, this in almost every nation around the world. And neither side can debate effective enough anymore to reason what they do or why it is being done. Instead, political ideology has taken over reasoning, mandating the ideology without understanding it is in error, as if it were a religion of its own. Once the ideology is seen a perfectly created, no adjustments are made to it, believers are expected to follow it no matter what happens. Their convictions are not even stopped at the nation’s borders, but through their foreign relations policy, others must contend with the same ideology.
And the only way such ideology is spread past political borders is through the economic structures which relate to a political agenda, where accountability for such is not even considered. The corporations have long established their desires to move a political bias upon all, now creating information they paid for in advance of politics they create reason to ideology, but without real facts to support it. No wonder a few years ago, those on Wall Street were saying creditability was no longer needed, but as the US AAA bonds have fallen, we see creditability is needed. And this has now become even more of a direct issue in the Ukraine, as the Jewish population becomes more concerned over leaflets. The global politics has heated up as domestic populations are demanding more, and politicians are running out of ideas for domestic issues resulting in creating international crisis to cover up domestic problems.
International crisis allow the foolish politicians to assert authority where they really do not have any, but any failures are then blamed on others. And as the crisis heats up, more events end with the force of political authority imposed harshly, thus military actions are taken when they should never have been. It is not the people who want to fight; it is the political mindset which wants to make a name which fights. Those same looking to push an agenda based on the failing domestic ideology, yet if has already failed at home the world should not have to believe it will do better somewhere else. Creditability, whether it is political or otherwise, is what the public is looking for and it is not coming from those with public authority.
The global population is acting as one majority, to impose upon all politicians the same standards, both in domestic relations and international affairs. But to even begin to take action, all political authority must present a total creditability in their conduct and action. The problem is how do you remove the many years of corruption you are already involved with, and still keep the public from knowing? And the answer is you can not, the public is larger, its very numbers across the globe can keep watch on those who have failed and who they are connected to. As one nation’s public regards another, they are not seeing them as oppositions; instead both are seeing the political leaders as the cause of problems. Removing the political leadership offers then to solve these problems, and it is with a global majority that real decisions are made.
Wars created simple to keep the public unaware of who is buying off whom, or to promote another failing ideology are not so easily done anymore. Across the globe, politicians are being forced to accept what they have stated is the correct conduct and keep to it, this by the global majority being out-raged. The prices for food and other basics has caused domestic economics to start flat-lining, and this is only the start, in a short time things are about to get worse. The violence these corrupt politicians are brining will start to affect more people, and those in South-Eastern Europe will be hit hard very soon. But the as more of the global public takes notice, so will the pressure increase on the political structures worldwide.

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