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Politics aside: Middle Easterners have great food

Middle Eastern food is tasty
Middle Eastern food is tasty
Pixabay: Kit

The Middle East has seen much turmoil throughout history. In modern times, the Middle East has been subjected to Ottoman (Turkish) rule, the Mandate system (British and French), and sweeping changes in current governments. Presently, coverage of the Middle East tends to revolve around violence and other depressing subjects. However, Middle Easterners do have one valuable resource that can be easily forgotten amongst all the violent conflict in the news: food.

*Teepu, a resident of Orange County, speaks of his favorite restaurant in Anaheim. It is called Olive Tree. Because Olive Tree is not a gigantic franchise, it is easy to think Teepu might have meant to say Olive Garden. It is better known and Italian food has always been popular. But he claims Olive Tree, with its Middle Eastern cuisine, is his favorite restaurant.

Teepu has lived in the Middle East, and Olive Tree captures his imagination. It takes him back to the region he once had the pleasure of living in. He says the food and atmosphere of the restaurant is “authentic”. The savory aromas are the same satisfying smells a person can expect to emanate from local food in the Middle East. He takes his kids there regularly and they love having that experience.

Tumultuous political situations wrack the Middle East. However, political strife has not affected the high quality of the the region's cuisine. The Middle Eastern cuisine served at Olive Tree allows the people of Anaheim to experience some of the region's tasty fare. While politics may be hard to agree on, we can all agree on good food.

Olive Tree Restaurant is located at 512 S Brookhurst St., Anaheim, California 92804

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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