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Politics ‘as usual’ vs. Science Fiction

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About all this radiation; could it have a purpose?

We can all agree (except perhaps for that pesky 1%) that Politics as usual is not benefiting anyone but the vested interests. What is even more puzzling is what is being ignored, and for what reasons. There don’t seem to be any logical answers, nor precedents set, in Politics as usual. It is possible that some answers can be found in the realm of science fiction! After all, it is beginning to seem that we are living through several episodes of The Twilight Zone.

For example, there is a classic episode of the TZ called “To Serve Man” This one is a classic: must watch. No one knows if Rod Serling was thinking FEMA camps when he wrote it, but they should definitely fit in with the existing plot, as would GMOs and vaccinations, (Flavor enhancers?) in case Hollywood wants to do a re-make, but I digress.

The Political BUZZ Question of this Month is:

WHY are the nations of the World not only unconcerned about radiation, but actually seem to delight in irradiating the landscapes, wherever?

This is a political question, because no individual (literally) can touch it. No corporation would ever want to.

But why are governments dropping radioactive doo doo everywhere they go? It has to be intentional. Maybe there are some things that we’re not being told?

However during these same times our government agencies, worried about their perpetuity, are digging holes, making bunkers and connecting them all over to ensure ‘continuity of government’ even if there is no one left but them. In fact, we could say that they are building themselves ‘fallout shelters’ on our dime, and hiding the keys for the ones that were once built for us. Nothing has been done since this article.

My favorite philosopher said: “To know the middle path, you have to KNOW both extremes’.

Perhaps he was offering a way to understand the reality we find ourselves in now. The hardest part is identifying; what is the polar opposite of ‘Politics”? Is it ‘evil’? Or is that a synonym? Is it pridetittution or is that an understood. The concept is this: the more space you can fill when you fill in the blanks, so to speak; the farther apart the beginning will be from the end, and so the middle path will change too, based on your knowledge, and how many blanks you fill in.

To know the color palette, it is not enough to know the difference between red and orange. Somehow black & white seems too trivial, but artists seem to be able to identify the very subtle differences in their own minds’ eye, and a computer can identify millions of them.

For this discussion at hand, let’s consider the opposite of politics to be science fiction.

For the time being; can we agree to agree that; Politics as usual and science fiction are polar opposites? Surely the politicians would hastily agree to that premise, no? That being said and agreed upon, bear with me a second suspend your disbelief and hang on for the ride as long as you can. Think of this exercise as a movie on paper, and in your mind. For example, here is a short video that no politician would ever touch!


Pervasive in all of these are the revelations coming from Fukushima about Fukushima and the thought: When are they going to DO something <besides raising the limits of ‘allowable exposure’> about it? Why doesn’t anyone really care? They seem to believe that radiation will just go away if they don’t think about it, like all that messiness in the gulf of Mexico. There are a few who recognize the seriousness of what is going down with ALL of this, but no one else has the time to care, and the MSM ignores it, Olympics, anyone?

So when we ask about radiation, we have to include nuclear reactors as well as atomic bombs. Not to mention that the latest estimates are that 75-100% of the plants are leaking, and most are much older than their designed expiration dates, are built over fault lines or very close to water. So far the best they can come up with is changing the standards for what is normal. Not to mention ‘processing’ (Burying) the Fresh waste and stored waste from these plants. Don't forget there is a 5 year (Powered) shut down procedure to turn them off.

If that weren’t enough, we seem to be eliminating a lot of the ‘waste’ by re-naming it ‘depleted’ and sprinkling it all over foreign lands and cities. The neat part is that nobody knows exactly where it went, so it has a ‘half life’ longer than any other munitions, and can be hidden just about anywhere, and no one is responsible!

The outstanding part is that NO ONE seems to understand why ANYONE would want to allow such a thing to happen, let alone betting on it!? In this case it is a motivation we are looking for. Trying to discern just what is REALLY happening to us has become a test of the imagination. Given the technology we now have, it has also become a test of the human spirit.

Lets Look to science fiction.

Scenario: Aliens are attracted to the Earth during the proliferation of nuclear ‘tests’ beginning mid-40’s. Here is a timeline (to scale) of the 2053 Atomic ‘tests’ between 1945 -1998 You can hear how the tests went up until 1951 when this movie was made. At any rate, ‘They’ make contact in the 50’s but ‘They’ want to be kept a secret.

Just as nuclear is deadly, there may be some creatures who, through genetic modifications, adaptations, or whatever, are attracted to it or even addicted. Think: Catnip?

The aliens convince them that they like the Earth and can make them wealthy if they don’t tell the general ‘populace’ as they are not ‘ready’ yet to meet them. They give out toys like lasers, transistors, CPU’s, and fiber optics, like candy.

Liking radiation, but not human attention, they ask for the rights to radioactive ‘Resorts” like The Pacific test islands, Nevada, Chernobyl, Afghanistan, Iraq, and almost the entire Mediterranean basin, and Japan, just to name a few. AND if there is a leaky reactor in your vicinity, they’ll be coming to your neighborhood, too.

What if they then told their human co-conspirators that they would either take them away, (See ‘To Serve Man’, above) or help them to go underground in C.O.G. and D.U.M.B. bunkers, with all the pieces of silver they can carry? As far out as this plot goes it makes some sense.

It would make a great movie, but not something anyone would want to have to live through. Perhaps “Politics As Usual” and Science Fiction shouldn’t merge, but otherwise none of this makes any sense.

What do you think? Any movie producers out there?



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