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Politics and healthcare, the Brown or Coakley affect on healthcare policy for all Americans.

Symbol of health? Insurance on one side, politicians on the other and us in the middle.
Symbol of health? Insurance on one side, politicians on the other and us in the middle.

While Fort Myers lies 1500 miles south of Boston, the outcome and affect of the special election to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy will be felt here and throughout the nation. Massachusetts Republican State Senator Scott Brown, relatively unknown outside his Wrentham district is facing the states Attorney General, Democrat Martha Coakley.

The great expectation is if Brown wins, healthcare reform dies, President Obama's agenda and hold of both chambers of congress will dwindle, and the Republican Party will experience a renaissance in November. According to local reporting, voter turnout is higher than expected and twice the number of voters that showed up for the primaries in December, says Secretary of State William Galvin.

Brown has made his position clear, that he will vote against healthcare reform, giving the Republican Party the opportunity to filibuster the legislation to an agonizing slow death. Coakley on the other hand was supposed to represent nothing less than a mandated victory for healthcare reform and the President's agenda.

Whether you agree or oppose the overhaul of our healthcare system, this election will change how we view healthcare in Fort Myers and around the nation for years to come. All this while residents of Massachusetts are required to have healthcare insurance coverage, also known as universal health insurance.

My neighbor Bob Harrison asked me, "How is it possible that one locally elected person would have the power to move our nation into their favored position?" I did not have an answer for my friend but by midnight Tuesday, we will unless some fraud is detected and it will be déjà vu all over again.

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