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Politics and faith

We have to trust in God over man.
We have to trust in God over man.
Photo: Julia Tidd

I don’t usually discuss politics because I know I’m not as informed as I should/could be. I honestly don’t think any of us are who are not in that particular position. As citizens of this country, we learn what it means to come together and vote for the person we think will best represent us and our needs. Sometimes it would seem that person succeeds and other times it seems they fail.

The reason for bringing this up is the great cry of anger and disappointment over yesterday’s ruling on the healthcare reform. Whether or not you agree with it, at least for Christians, prayer is one answer. Prayer should have been going on all along. Prayer that those representing us do not fall into temptation of any form; prayers that we allow God to work in our country; prayers that we have the patience to wait and see how this will affect each of our lives.

Faith is another answer. We as Christians have put our lives in the hands of God. We can’t put our lives in His hands if we are not trusting that whatever may come from this change in our medical system will work to the Glory of God. We were never promised an easy life or a life where our prayers are always answered the way we want them to be. What we are promised is that God will be with us through thick and thin. When you are suffering the most is when Jesus is carrying you.

I urge everyone to go and read Romans 12 and 13. We all have different gifts given to us by God and there is no authority that did not come from God. You don’t have to agree with this latest vote but please have faith in your God. He is greater than anything you can imagine and all is for His glory.

The following quote is from a friend I went to Western Hills High School with. Judy Bowen Martin of Denton, TX posted as her Facebook status, “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name" Phil. 2:9 The name of Jesus is above EVERY name - any politician - He's above it! Country leaders - above it! Health care reform - ABOVE IT!!!!”